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  1. Dj Limited - Click Clack

    @mypszi you're right A is superior in quality to B
  2. Luca Testa & KOM - Balenciaga (Original Mix)

    @SuperX that is a pretty strange spectrogram, I know the 20khz cutoff is from the encoding and the 16khz shelf is from the encoding process as well the audio degradation at 14khz between 1.20 and 1.50 is probably from the production process the audio degradation at 12.5khz is probably from the production process as well we would need the lossless to be sure
  3. Eats Everything, Dajae - The Tribute (Original Mix)

    @keenonDISCO no music?
  4. Datsik – Pressure Plates

    the midrange is basically untouched in the original file and extends all the way up to 20khz, so you should be hearing the highs of the midrange the high end of the frequency spectrum on the other hand was violated in that original file
  5. BadKlaat - Neon

    tbh, i may agree that this is definitely different that the older Badklaat that I have come to love bu this tune is still FAAAT, not BladKlaat fat, but FAAT nonetheless
  6. Bakteria - Vanilla Dome (Original Mix)

    134BPM drop at 1.26 with dubstep beat structure with multikick hybrid trap?
  7. Flowdan - Horror Show Style (Widdler Bootleg)

    aahhhhhhhhhhh! heavy as fuuck!
  8. Stinkahbell - Day 1z

    fuck fuck fuck! so faat!
  9. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    It is not a threat. It is an Offer to you if you do not wish to operate the way the team operates. NO, you are more than Welcome (and even encouraged) to voice your opinion if you disagree with me. But complaining about the same thing for Months and even to go so far as to say... ...is in itself "Bitching" especially since you did not have the decency to voice this disapproval within the Staff Section. By offering you a way out of a situation you clearly disapprove of? from my understanding, to take your Opinion into consideration is Considerate, not ridiculous. but I guess everyone has a right to their opinion, no matter how ridiculous it may be. By not allowing the Delete function? The ability to Delete determines the entirety of "Power" to a Moderator? If that is true to you, maybe being in a Position of Authority is not the right fit for you. Makeshift Formulas? Makeshift (Source) (Noun) A temporary or expedient substitute for something else (Adj) Suitable as a temporary or expedient substitute the Kick/Snare Beat Structure of Dubstep in not Makeshift and is already an established Fact. the fact that Midtempo lives within 90BPM-110BPM is also a fact and not Makeshift in any way. Yet you say that All Electronic Music made with a Swing Influence is Electro Swing. Pigeonhole (Source) (noun) A specific, often oversimplified, category. uhhh... if you believe this then why are you Pigeonholing all Electronic Music with a Swing Influence? I do not believe I am superior, hence me asking you to supply data behind your assertions. dude.. i even prefaced that Staff Room post with the fact that it was something I researched and even asked for any Comments, Questions, or Concerns. yet no comment, question, or concern from you. If you feel so passionate about this, why didn't you post anything in that thread? I would imagine you would have some data as to what make IDM and FB/B separate entities, but alas no comment within that post, just this shameful attempt to use it as ammunition in your attempt to slander me. as I stated in the previous thread, I am offering you a demotion if you do not want to adhere to the Operational Standards of the Staff Team. feel free to take me up on that offer, as you seem to be incredibly dissatisfied with the operational standards. I have never had a problem admitting my wrongs or ignorance in any situation, including this one. that being said, I must be ignorant as to what you are considering "ridiculous" so please feel free to outline what I should acknowledge as "ridiculous" Offering a demotion because he has been literally complaining about the same thing for months is being immature? if so, I shutter to think what "maturity" is to you. Hence the reason I am offering a demotion since he has decided to take his complaints to the community threads instead of restricting them the the staff section like he has been in the past. Dude, stop talking about things you know nothing about. WAIT a minute, you were part of the Team once. you should know that I cannot promote anyone to my level without Sunny and I ask the team for any input they might have on any decision I am considering your audacity knows no bounds. and I would appreciate you not flying-off-the-handle with half-baked information and commenting, so absolutely, on things you clearly do not fully grasp.
  10. By that reasoning "Electro Swing" is not a Genre, but a Category. to consider all electronic music that has a Swing influence as "Electro Swing" is Pigeonholing. it should if it is in the House Music section. If one is in any of the House Sections then they are looking for the House flow, which isn't achieved outside House BPMs. Read. I 100% agree with VICE. It is the Worst Genre of Music in the World because, by the definition supplied, it is NOT a Genre but a Category. Plus, Look at the Writer of the Article, Completely Ignorant and merely spouting off Hearsay from other sources. She even goes as far as to separate House Music and EDM as separate entities; that article, in no way, is a valid source of information. shouldn't be. There are Midtempo sections for a reason. you have yet to provide any data stating otherwise. If you can supply data then I am 100% willing to listen and consider all you have to say.
  11. Datsik & Ganja White Night ft. T Rabb - Bad Behavior

    thanks man fixed
  12. Datsik & Ganja White Night ft. T Rabb - Bad Behavior

    @apocolyps755 is it Ganja White Night or Virtual Riot?
  13. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    Dude I am so tired of your bitching. I would be more than happy to demote you if you do not like the operational methods of the Staff Team.
  14. Absolutely nothing of what you said indicates why this is Electro Swing. ---Unless you provide actual data as to why this is Electro Swing, moved back to Midtempo Dubstep. to add upon that; according to your reasoning anything with a Swing influence belongs in this section. ---No. So much fucking no. We are not going to contribute to the convolution of genres.
  15. @Walter Wonkite what makes this Electro Swing?
  16. Datsik – Pressure Plates

    seriously man... no energy at all it's like listening to a badass speech from that monotone teacher from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
  17. Datsik – Pressure Plates

    that poor high-end dope tune, wish it had it's high-end tho... lossless anyone?
  18. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

    Pft. Took more time to type those messages than it would to merge those 2 threads.
  19. @Xplosiv don't know why SPEK cannot read the MP3 file supplied by the OP but here is a version that is readable https://mixstep.co/xcjd3hj5v6hw
  20. Barkan - She Might Say

    Barkan - She Might Say https://mixstep.co/mpp74kd5j16e
  21. Coopex - Ayo BB

    ooo good ear, don't know how i missed that trap multikick in this one but thank you but personally i dont see hear much future in this moved to trap
  22. Coopex - Ayo BB

    Coopex - Ayo BB https://mixstep.co/o9q40wc1wxm6
  23. Kova James - Before the Rain

    Kova James - Before the Rain Not too good with House Music but this sounds like House but its at Midtempo speeds (94 BPM) not sure where to put https://mixstep.co/ewni0gruheyw
  24. We're Not Friends - Spell Book (Rome B! Remix) https://mixstep.co/h0ihz05e71ad
  25. Zomboy & Eptic - Bop It

    fuck, with that build up I was hoping for something Bouncier adn with a more "I don't give a fuck" vibe dope tune tho proof?