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  1. Grandyzer - Hunter In The Snow

    tune is at 90bpm, fucking love when Midtempo Dubstep meets Liquid Dubstep! thanks @▼ØI► ! p.s. there is no doubt that this has the Liquid vibes, but should it be in Midtempo Dubstep?.... that bpm does throws it off the normal flow of Liquid Dubstep.. moved to Midtempo Dubstep (for now) p.s.s. here is WAV for anyone who wants it
  2. Diesel - Inspector reup for those who missed this gem back in the day!
  3. Liquid Stranger & Excision - Get To The Point

    @cyborgishy here you are
  4. Lost - Gocaine

    such an epic tune!
  5. BadKlaat - Knuckle Sandwich

    dead, fucking dead! @apocolyps755 song is dooope! thanks for the up man!
  6. Welcome to CllV

    Welcome Congratulation on finding our Community For finding us, we gift you a Free Account! Click here to Create your Free Account
  7. The Boogie Monsters - This Is Jack

    Super digging this tune! but i'd say this vibe is def more of a smooth jazz feel with some swing influence in the percussion i def don't know if there is a section dedicated to a blend of Smooth Jazz and House but i am super loving this tune! (even if it isn't very swingy :p)
  8. Reup
  9. Tlim Shug - Funeral Errday

    @rudles and @Xplosiv This fact makes it 100% acceptable! But bcuz it is low quality, say that you bought it from beatport and put a screen shot of the spek into the 1st post @rudles
  10. Haze ft. Slick Don - Keep You

    Haze was such an amazing alias Haze ft. Slick Don - Keep You Dope blend of Carnival and Deep Dubstep!
  11. Haze - In the Name of Jah [Clip]

    another unfinished beauty released in incomplete form.. Haze - In the Name of Jah [Clip] There is not enough artists making Carnival, and Haze manages to Blend it with Deep Dubstep legend
  12. Haze - Truth Serum [Clip]

    Officially released as a clip... what a shame Haze - Truth Serum [Clip] Haze was all over that Carnival blended with Deep Dubstep!
  13. Haze - Get Mad

    moved to riddim
  14. Haze - Jamaican Speak

    this is actually a blend of Carnival and Deep Dubstep! i'll leave it here because of the Deep in the track
  15. Haze - Plan Of Attack

    moved to dubstep
  16. Tempa T - Next Hype (Haze Remix)

    moved to Dubstep
  17. Caspa & Rusko - Rock Bottom

    +1 would love lossless of this, and cannot find it ANYWHERE! but the vinyl can be bought here : and a lossless rip would def satisfy me :3
  18. DustZallax - Swing of Hell

    DustZallax - Swing of Hell there just isn't enough swing in the world...
  19. Megalodon - Pull Up (Wulf & Gutz Remix)
  20. Megalodon - Pull Up (Wulf & Gutz Remix)

    @jyd131313 and @The Depudee here is that reup
  21. What is Liquid Dubstep?

    Liquid Dubstep Liquid Dubstep is sub-genre of the Dubstep style that turns it's focus to a lighter, more euphoric take of Dubstep. Typically featuring lighter basslines that beautifully compliment their equally as light synth counterparts that take you of an, often, emotional journey. The drum style adheres to 2/4 or 4/4 pattern with a Kick beginning each measure and a snare half-way between them or a Kick on measure 1 and 3 and a Snare on measure 2 and 4, but expect a less "intense" percussive set-up than that of the typical Dubstep style or any of the other Dubstep styles. Some examples of Liquid Dubstep are; 1. Anex - Battered & Bruised 2. Blackmill Ft. Lollievox - Journey's End 3. Rudy Wood - Something To Believe In (Syrum Bootleg) 4. SeaNote - Elevataher If you find something that belongs in this section, or a thread that does not belong in this section, please click on the "Report Post" button located at the top of every post
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  23. @DXRaveN i love genres, allows for organization which i love :3 but I am curious as to what you mean by "electro bassline" could you explain what you mean, im not that good with house styles, because to my ear it just sounds like a heavy bassline to me fun fact about me: i think categorizing off synth sound is very dangerous because it convolutes genre lines
  24. @DXRaveN super sick man! Thank you! yo but i have been listening to this tune and I gotta say I am questioning the Genre placing... got a 103BPM = Midtempo + Kick/Snare Drum pattern = Midtempo Dubstep + Heavy Basslines = Midtempo Dubstep all in all I would say this beautiful creation is closer to Midtempo Dubstep than Electro Swing
  25. Teddy Killerz - Moshpit