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  1. Megalodon - Dutty Skank VIP

    @Megalodon.... Riddim remix please...
  2. Getter - Head Splitter

    Getter - Head Splitter https://mixstep.co/tbb4n83z97x9
  3. 99.5 BPM Drop has the Dubstep Kick/Snare pattern, with a Carnival Dubstep pattern for the second part of the drop due to bpm, i'd say Midtempo Dubstep
  4. @BORDS thanks for the tune man! but there is only 1 song per thread. an (Original Mix) and (Club Edit) are 2 different songs, please seperate
  5. Bukez Finezt - Paranoia

    here are my conversion if anyone is interested https://mixstep.co/okv2yf8pmuwd https://mixstep.co/bvm5hmxxr555
  6. Bukez Finezt - Paranoia

    @WyrmBagg lossless please?
  7. Qoiet - Sheol (Original Mix)

    so sick! Qoiet's style is so sick! can't wait to hear their next release
  8. Qoiet - Orugoru

    meh... not as impressive as others on the release
  9. Qoiet - Kioku

    ooooooooohhhhh fuuuck! Qoiet is really impressin' me right now!
  10. Qoiet - Oni

    there are some really fucking awesome parts to this tune!!! this is def someone to watch!
  11. Fayte - 2spooky4riddim 2017

    fuuuuuuck! some heavy riddim right hur!
  12. Mine are better than the iTunes conversion
  13. it is... and terribly at that... and that poor high end what converter?? here are my results MP3: https://mixstep.co/4i9jy004ms0u M4A: https://mixstep.co/x2bxq762hvsn
  14. Getter - Head Splitter

    Lossless anyone??
  15. Caspa - Ice Cold (Original Mix)

    lossless? dat shelf is killing me
  16. Crossnaders - Lethal Weapon (Original Mix)

    112 BPM = close to Midtempo (2 bpm too high) Kick beginning each measure = Carnival Dubstep Moved to Midtempo Dubstep due to closeness in BPM
  17. Throttle - Hit The Road Jack (Cazztek Remix)

    yo man a Remix and an Extended Remix are two different versions of a song, and there is only one song per thread, please fix
  18. Pls use report post in future
  19. ÆTERNA - Sköll

    @balaka & @Mich I am having trouble... I thought Halfstep adhered to DnB Structure just w/o first snare... but, from what I am grasping, Halfstep has a Dubstep Structure and DnB BPMs but Drumstep has Dubstep Structure and DnB BPMs if that is true, what is Difference between Drumstep and Halfstep?
  20. @balaka @Mich from what I am hearing The first drop has a Multi-Kick Dubstep Structure (Multi-Kick beginning on 1 Snare on 3) and the 2nd drop has a DnB Structure (Kick on 1&3 Snare on 2&4) The first drop is Halfstep?
  21. ÆTERNA - Sköll

    but why????????? Naw it would go beyond BPM a DnB influenced section, like; Breakbeat = DnB Structure, Dubstep BPMs Halfstep = DnB Structure w/o 1st Snare Drumstep = Dubstep Structure, DnB BPMs
  22. ÆTERNA - Sköll

    fuck.. you are so god damn right! I fucking love it! I guess I would be considering 1 and 3 as "on-beat" and 2 and 4 as "off-beat" In my experience, and I definitely do not have a lot of experience with DnB, this is incorrect To my understanding Halfstep is DnB without the first snare. Which leaves the Snare on 4 (or off-beat), and I have come across Halfstep tunes that adhere to these guidelines I can give some examples if you would like But then I run into this... This on-beat snare, which in my opinion, gives it a Dubstep structure because it is now an on-beat kick/snare pattern But, like many others I have questioned about Halfstep with an on-beat snare, you say it's definitely Halfstep But, unlike many others I have questioned, you were super informative with your response, I super appreciate that! Because Drumstep is just Dubstep Structure at DnB Speeds Wouldn't this be Drumstep? P.s. this makes me feel like Halfstep, Breakbeat, and Drumstep belong in the same section...
  23. ÆTERNA - Sköll

    How? DnB (from what I understand) has an off-beat snare. And this snare is very much on-beat.
  24. @Xplosiv thats an easy one this one: Reason: Only visual degradation is the Cutoff around 21khz the other one is a mess, even the low end hits different
  25. Zero T & Survival - Back East

    that Shelf makes this tune sound distorted as fuck... what a shame lossless?