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  1. Getter - Wat the Frick

  2. Getter - Wat the Frick

    @teh1buck reup plz
  3. Brandon AKA Blaxk Sails ^_^

    Welcome to the Community!
  4. What Genre is This?!

    @nickkoko Rezz - Relax = Deep Dubstep If BPM is 90-110 = Midtempo Dubstep with Deep Dubstep elements Rez & 13 - Drugs = Dubstep If BPM is 90-110 = Midtempo Dubstep Rez & Kotek - Ascension = Trap Why? = Multi-Kick Although one could argue that it has a Dubstep vibe, so i guess Hybrid Dubstep could work too if BPM is 90-110 = Twerk
  5. Grandyzer - Hunter In The Snow

    tune is at 90bpm, fucking love when Midtempo Dubstep meets Liquid Dubstep! thanks @▼ØI► ! p.s. there is no doubt that this has the Liquid vibes, but should it be in Midtempo Dubstep?.... that bpm does throws it off the normal flow of Liquid Dubstep.. moved to Midtempo Dubstep (for now) p.s.s. here is WAV for anyone who wants it
  6. Conro - All Me (Original Mix)

    fucking champion! thanks
  7. Diesel - Inspector reup for those who missed this gem back in the day!
  8. Liquid Stranger & Excision - Get To The Point

    @cyborgishy here you are
  9. Babeydrew Ft. Assassin (Aka Agent Sasco) - Playground

    this one def LOOKS like a transcode because of the Hard-Shelving at 16khz but Hard-Shelving is also a Key-Indicator of Low-Quality-320kbps-MP3 (LowMP3) So this tune is either; A) Transcode (Not Allowed) B) LowMP3 (Allowed, but not preferred) sounds like this tune is from that list, in the future just add a disclaimer to your first post saying; 1) where its from 2) that is a LowMP3 that way you avoid the whole "this looks like a transcode" situation in the future
  10. Lost - Gocaine

    such an epic tune!
  11. BadKlaat - Knuckle Sandwich

    dead, fucking dead! @apocolyps755 song is dooope! thanks for the up man!
  12. Babeydrew Ft. Assassin (Aka Agent Sasco) - Playground

    def low quality, anyone got lossless or better quality?
  13. Welcome to CllV

    Welcome Congratulation on finding our Community For finding us, we gift you a Free Account! Click here to Create your Free Account
  14. The Boogie Monsters - This Is Jack

    Super digging this tune! but i'd say this vibe is def more of a smooth jazz feel with some swing influence in the percussion i def don't know if there is a section dedicated to a blend of Smooth Jazz and House but i am super loving this tune! (even if it isn't very swingy :p)
  15. What Genre is This?!

    im on a mac, i use mixmeister bpm analyzer