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  1. Reup
  2. tune is straight fire!
  3. @chodibeatz @Djcal32 M4A: MP3:
  4. @rudles and @Xplosiv This fact makes it 100% acceptable! But bcuz it is low quality, say that you bought it from beatport and put a screen shot of the spek into the 1st post @rudles
  5. Hey CllV! Got a question for all of you who produce! Care to make a Holiday Themed song and release it on CllV Records' Happy Holidays EP Vol.1? Does not matter which Holiday or How well known it is. Doesn't matter if the Holiday you want to embody in your track is from one specific country. Doesn't matter if the Holiday you want to embody in your track is only celebrated by you alone. Any and Every Holiday is acceptable. Deadline for track submission is November 8th. These tracks are not to be posted for public view. Send all previews, samples, and updates to using mixstep/zippyshare Entitle your message "Your Artist Name"
  6. fuck... could you imagine this tune in lossless?! hope he releases the lossless too Hybrid Minds - The Place (Haze Remix) A breathtaking blend of Chill Trap and Liquid Dubstep
  7. another unfinished beauty released in incomplete form.. Haze - In the Name of Jah [Clip] There is not enough artists making Carnival, and Haze manages to Blend it with Deep Dubstep legend
  8. Officially released as a clip... what a shame Haze - Truth Serum [Clip] Haze was all over that Carnival blended with Deep Dubstep!
  9. Haze was such an amazing alias Haze ft. Slick Don - Keep You Dope blend of Carnival and Deep Dubstep!
  10. moved to riddim
  11. this is actually a blend of Carnival and Deep Dubstep! i'll leave it here because of the Deep in the track
  12. moved to dubstep
  13. moved to Dubstep
  14. +1 would love lossless of this, and cannot find it ANYWHERE! but the vinyl can be bought here : and a lossless rip would def satisfy me :3
  15. fufuufuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sosooooooooooo faaaaaaaat!!!!!!! my pants. ruined.