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  1. Beatcore - Click Clack (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/pgq04oq1urot
  2. Beatcore - Leave Or Stay (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/jc2k64k9ucb7
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  6. Jantsen - Afterglow (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/1fpu481cfyxe
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  8. nooooooooooo its perfect
  9. Modestep - Higher

    4clubbers. fuck that, beatport mp3 https://mixstep.co/uswrlm0wh8cg
  10. Urbanstep ft. Micah Martin - Parallel (ST4RBUCK Remix) https://mixstep.co/wovtf0eptfyd
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  12. Flite - Between Sky & Sea (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/ro5ngfqijcp6
  13. Milano - Silica

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