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  1. Fransis Derelle & X&G ft. Effy & Kevin Flum - Slow (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/12jyo35sp8pv
  2. Fransis Derelle ft. Born I Music - Bankroll (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/6nlg59hukx3o
  3. Fransis Derelle ft. Mikey Ceasar - Bang (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/4abt790n1wu4
  4. Fransis Derelle ft. Lisa Cimorelli - Hollywood Dream (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/rrr9ljl7f5rj
  5. Subfiltronik - Passout (MurDa Remix)

    @Bulker well he reported his post asking it to be deleted. Mods don't have the power to do that so I sent him a message to edit it
  6. Virtual Riot ft. Yosie - Everyday (VIP Mix) https://mixstep.co/gct8qimng8q2
  7. Gate - Distant Cry (Culprate Remix) https://mixstep.co/tj4w1qaci2zk
  8. Aether & Culprate - Flora (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/2pgd9d5qjcwk
  9. Culprate & Frequent - Drifting (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/g165k8l76s2d
  10. Bloom & Culprate - Aurora (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/smgy57v7yycp
  11. Culprate & Protostar - Duality (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/2bqrumhpcza1
  12. Culprate & Quok - Aqueous (Original Mix)

    @waxnwayne Of course. it will all be up shortly
  13. Culprate & Keota ft. Sophie Meiers - Mechanic Heartbeat (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/mcqoyjsoc8c0
  14. Culprate & Quok - Aqueous (Original Mix) https://mixstep.co/7u6r50pyecga
  15. Tobi Kramer - Same Day (Original Mix)

    @SlowlyBurning Message @Sunlight and he will delete your account.