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  1. Tatu - Not Gunna Get us (hardcore remix) either that or its a free form remix
  2. Hi I'm Ghost - Wyld

    I know who dis is
  3. Lord Swan3x & Sluggo - Royal Rumble

    Sluggo's still fire a.f. I'd expect comeback from him. dont zzzzz on im
  4. Jailor Serryz - Gmilf 2.0 (original mix)

    posted in "hardcore" not "uk Hardcore" lol
  5. VLXX - Blood

    Hardstyle....Slow as fuck hardstyle
  6. The Frim - Bassline Skanka (The Frim Remix)

    This...so...needed....to...happen. This is by far the best remix of Bassline Skanka ive ever heard.