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  1. What's a good drum machine vat for fl?
  2. I know who dis is
  3. Sluggo's still fire a.f. I'd expect comeback from him. dont zzzzz on im
  4. Listen to Dark Sanity Mix Vol 1 by Aetrix #np on #SoundCloud
  5. Anyone have the real 320 version like this, it has more lyrics and sounds slightly faster.. jw.
  6. Thanks bro!!! Much appreciation!
  7. Where Can I buy this track???
  8. Looking for useful tips on recreating an amen break beat in fl studio, Like what proper drums to use ect. thanks.
  9. Hardstyle....Slow as fuck hardstyle
  10. This is by far the best remix of Bassline Skanka ive ever heard.
  11. fucking love Mark Instinct
  12. Killswitch Engage <333 Epic. We need more "MetalStep"
  13. i mean other then the fact that it sounds like a bunch of skrillex samples put together...not all bad.