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  1. Zhu & Nero - Dreams

    Found gemini remix @ 320kbps. get at me
  2. Migos - Bad and Boojee (FEAT LIL UZI) Gold Bullets Remix

    @Idiot yes, I am sure. It is shit trap
  3. Migos - Bad and Boojee (FEAT LIL UZI) Gold Bullets Remix

    This is trap....
  4. Caro Emerald - Liquid Lunch (E.S.I. Remix)

    Please re-up
  5. Damageman - My Selector

    Because he's using rar and it's actually annoying to have to download and unpack just to sample.
  6. GRAVIT-E - Paper Chasing . Knocked Out

    @Woblz please use mp3,wav,flac,mp4,wma really anything not rar.
  7. Subsonic - Militant

    jump is DnB sub genre....
  8. Royalston Ft. Hannah Joy - Give Me The Word

    Fuck Yeah!!
  9. Benny Benassi & Serj Tankian – Shooting Helicopters

    Re-up or PM me with a 320kbps please.
  10. Savant - Reggaetron

    I may not like all his tracks, but savant DOES make some BAD ASS music!!
  11. Bass Bocs - Attention (Original Mix)

    Get Switch audio converter, its free and you can convert to whatever format and bitrate you want
  12. Sounds more dubby then electro but still kicks ass, Thanks^^