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  1. Rumpstep - The Demogorgon

    Yo, this is pretty fucking wonk. <3
  2. Skrillex - First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)

    Ayyyye, THIS mothafucker... Love it!
  3. Dead Battery - All I See is Red (Original Mix)

  4. Sem - Reasons

    Watched a live stream from this guy, making future bass. This guy's pretty talented. 1411kbps / WAV https://mixstep.co/np3lalwd8yi2
  5. Can't believe more of this dude's stuff isn't here.. 1411kbps / WAV https://mixstep.co/0smpigd0y1t9
  6. GRMM - Give Me Up (Spaces Remix)

    Funky funky beats, ya'll. 1411kbps / WAV https://mixstep.co/x78on0mg87lx
  7. Working diligently on building my reputation, and earn my keep! Please let me know anything I can do, or do better! :x

  8. Batsy - Los Pollos Hermanos

  9. Barely Alive & Virtual Riot - Basement Dwellers

    WOW. How fucking creatibve! LOVIN' THIS!~
  10. Golden Child - Sundial

    Wow, this songs middle drop is pretty bad... But that last drop is worth the download. Pretty much only that last drop, though..
  11. Love this one!!!! https://mixstep.co/vxqpts651c1s
  12. EVO - TRiLLWiTCHA (Original Mix)

    I could see that. The beat is relatively simple, and more similar to dubstep than trap.. Makes sense! Should it be moved? EDIT: Actually could it be moved, please? You hella just got me think and it made so much more sense to file it as dubstep over hybrid trap.
  13. EVO - TRiLLWiTCHA (Original Mix)

    It's a trap drum kit underneath, for the most part, with an 808 in the drops. But thanks! And I'll do it now!
  14. GLD - HANDZ (feat. Dapp)

    Already am! Good dig on this one, man! Check out my recent one, "TRiLLWiTCHA." It's in the same direction as this guy's stuff. You may like it, personally. It's over in Hybrid Trap.
  15. GLD - HANDZ (feat. Dapp)

    Can't even begin to fucking describe what is happening right now... Diggin' this fuckin' dude right here.