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  1. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Brain Sludge

    Midnight T is bringing some heat, used to not care for his tunes but these are destructive
  2. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Chibs - The Beast King

    This track is mean
  3. Murda - The Toog Anthem

    this shit is heavy
  4. Pham - No Questions

    I'm diggin Pham
  5. Point.Blank & Definitive - Let's Get It (Original Mix)

    Wow what an unexpected collab, fucking sick flows in this one
  6. Downlink & Vaski - REKT (Original Mix)

  7. Phiso - Perish Song

    Dubstep labels in america including firepower, rotten, and smog just throw releases in your face with no hype built , and most releases are weak sounding in my opinion. Phiso is one of the few producers who didnt ride the wagon up, kept it 100 with his tunes and they never fail to amaze me
  8. Datsik - Wreckless feat. AD

    dope, datsik been bummin me out but this is sick
  9. TrollPhace - Stop, Drop & Glob (Badklaat Remix)

    trollphace was 2 people in the beginning it is now only one. Badklaat has always been one man
  10. Cotti & NMO - Starscream

    this shit goes hard af
  11. SKisM & Trampa - Black Hole

    Most fucked up tune ever. no one will ever create something at this level again i don't think they could do better lol
  12. Megalodon - Party Position

    why is he so good
  13. Sublab - Polyalgorithm

    Sublab - Polyalgorithm http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/97841248/file.html (bomba) Support: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sublab/580675211942981 https://soundcloud.com/sublab-2/sublab-polyalgorithm
  14. Knife Party - Resistance (Sullivan King Remix)

    are you a retard young dj kid rilla. your comment is so fucking stupid lol
  15. Aweminus - IJDGAF VIP

    Aweminus fucking kills