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  1. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Kadaver - Kadaversaurus EP

    Ive played it out live and the reactions are insane
  2. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & Kadaver - Ork Technology

    is the Ep out yet?
  3. Benzmixer - R2D8 (Nexu5 VIP)

    Thank you for this!
  4. Phiso - Perish Song

  5. Phiso - Perish Song

    such a beast of a song! thank you for sharing, was this a free release?
  6. Mantis ft. Maksim - Depths (Krook & Mark The Beast Remix)

    He's been around for a minute now if I remember correctly.
  7. Cloudz - Pause Menu
  8. Cloudz - Ganon's Castle
  9. Cloudz - I Fired
  10. Fayte - Frostmourne (Cloudz Remix)
  11. Ecraze - Splash
  12. JG Dubz & Pharma - Flex Like

    sound JUST like filter output.
  13. Mantis ft. Maksim - Depths (Krook & Mark The Beast Remix)

    woah thats a name i haven't heard of in a while , Mark The Beast
  14. Subtronics - Particle Meme Weapon

    *flame emoji* x10 *100 emoji* x400 mp3 thanks to @apocolyps755
  15. Svdden Death - Take Ya Head Off

    Danny's production just doesn't stop getting better and better.. and LOL at @Drelie i was like wait... i've seen his avatar before somewhere..