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  1. The Decline of CLLV

    Big thanks to whoever made changes on CLLV recently. They brought back the "Music Feed" on the home page which was one of my loved parts of the original setup of Although, I feel like since better changes have been made it's highlighting more of what doesn't fit. The 'Member's Only' section bothers me. We think of it as, "Cool, we can get more rep" but I'm trying to keep in mind of how a newcomer would look at it. The rep doesn't quite matter to them. I think not getting rep for a re-up should be a act of kindness instead of a hunt for rep. It feels perverted otherwise. Anyways, super clean setup for CLLV right now. Very exciting. I want to see where this site is going still...
  2. Lifecycle - Zero X (Ecto Bootleg)

    @K.LINE Isn't this just the second drop first and then repeated for the second drop again? Not really a bootleg if you ask me.
  3. Stinkahbell - Wot U Need on the Weekend

  4. Africa HiTech - Too Late (Dub)

    Must have hit submit too many times.
  5. Silkie - Strawberries [Flac +320]

  6. Africa HiTech - Too Late (Dub)
  7. Africa HiTech - Too Late (Dub)
  8. Silkie - Strawberries [Flac +320]

    For the love of all humanity re-up flac
  9. Joe - Rut
  10. The Decline of CLLV

    This site feels lost. Is it just me...?
  11. Renewal payment taken without request

    Payment for what exactly?
  12. ...CLLV could benefit.

    Open source musicplayer that crawls for music (youtube, soundcloud) on facebook, reddit and twitter. How hard would it be to make the music player find zippyshare & mixstep links on clublandlv? Github
  13. Ganja White Night & Boogie T - Flava

    "Keeps on seeing this" Sees my one other comment on a new GWN tune.
  14. Ganja White Night & Boogie T - Flava

    Okay after a couple days I can admit I'm just mad. Thank you for you're support to Belgium and the dubsteps.