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  1. Xilent - The X

  2. Benasis - The Swamp

    Freed from the Mound!!!! 72.7, .wav http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/UlZqOqDR/file.html https://mixstep.co/zs50fvv0dn9e Enjoy!
  3. Duffeey - Sector 7

    Free off the Mound!!! SC Link: 57.1 MB, .wav http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/7v1vAhdU/file.html https://mixstep.co/zzs7aa9mwa5i Enjoy!
  4. Ramzoid - BCW

    Free From the Mound! SC Link: 7.3 MB, 320 kbps, Mp3 http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/kcybbXb7/file.html https://mixstep.co/ahuxv98rt6vs Enjoy!
  5. D-Jahsta - Amon

    there's like a filter on a lot of the tracks in this one that make them sound kinda distant,, might just be some reverb variation but I hate it! That sucks because I really like it.
  6. Space Laces - Cruise Control

    qualatays not quantatays Is this a leak, is it legit? Why'd I just see this? Description has it coming out the 11th, not trying to nit pick i'm just curious.
  7. Skrillex - First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)

    I will do, appreciate the advice. Does he have any other aliases?
  8. Skrillex - First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)

    Listenable Skrillex? I definitely love some of life's little mysteries. Besides that mix genre part in the middle, it's pretty fuckin good.
  9. Spag Heddy - Loca (Dubloadz Remix)

    woooooooow, I never put that together wtf is wrong with me. lolololololol I like him a bit more now.
  10. Chainsmokers - Honest (Icarez Remix)

    Even if there is a link in the SC you still need to add a zippy or misstep link. A lot of those SC free links chain you up to a whole bunch of stuff to get the track. Personally I only post my tracks in the producers section but then again I've never added a dl link for any of them. But yea that's why, just the rulez.
  11. MUST DIE! - Kill It Up

    I can def hear MUST DIE! in this. It's def a variation from the norm but I can def still tell it's MUST DIE! I not usually a big fan but I'm likin this.
  12. D-Jahsta - Virus Type D

    fuck jahsta calm down bro
  13. The fucking synths aren't even in tune with each other. lololol I can't believe this can actually happen. I'm going to just make 2 second tracks and say Ft. skrillex and sell em on beatport, i'll make trillions and millions of dollars mwahhhahahahahahahahahhahaha.
  14. Zomboy & Eptic - Bop It

    Can you supply a visual analysis to confirm? Sorry for the double trouble guys.
  15. Zomboy & Eptic - Bop It

    Everyone! A transcode.....!!!!!!!!! Head to the transducernatirster we must protect ourselves. If the spek works out than it's either a acceptable transcode or a from source track. FLAC to Mp3 is a Transcode technically but it's acceptable because the file the 320 is being created from is of higher quality. Step down transcodes good, step up transcodes bad. You guys......always with the hibbbbliey bibbibbliyy. We must come together or the transcodes will take over.