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  1. Annix – Work It Out

    This is jump up mate.... A +3-6 semi tone snare dont make it neuro.
  2. June Miller - Slow Down

    RE up!!! RE UP !!!!
  3. The Mc Mash Clan & Kate Mullins - Requiem (FuntCase Erebus Remix)

    Typical pendulum. Gettin almost every style and mashin it up well.
  4. Flexxa - Cold Steel

    Jealous you cant use it like this?
  5. Neosignal - Vostok

    I disagree. That beat aint no neuro beat thats a drumstep beat. just because its got some neuro bass patch dont make it neuro.
  6. Jaxx, Illphaze – Sidewinder Rattlesnake (Original Mix)

    Tbh jaxx and illphaze are shit. So you wont be gettin much thanks anyway.....
  7. Nu Elementz - Command And Control

    lmao ripping off cino there :S..... should be the other way around.
  8. DJ Guv - Slice & Dice

    why does this not work on my real player!
  9. DubRocca - Playin With My Mind (J Majik & DubRocca Remix)

    This is Dancefloor not Jump up.
  10. Mercedes - Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Tear Up Mix)

    Drum step is closer to drum n bass than anything else. Tempo is the same just the snares land a bit later and there might be a kick missing somehwere. You clearly dont know anything about drum n bass or drum step... you can incorporate drum n bass and drum step into one single track so how is drum step "NOT in the style of drum n bass". I dont like drum step but the fact you want to call it fast dubstep just shouts your incompetence as someone who should be a moderator of genres. KNOW YOUR SHIT.
  11. K Motionz - Leave Me Alone

    Look at him now then hes sick
  12. DJ Swan-E & Picto - Give Me More

    We dont want old tunes.. we need new releases to play out... id buy my tunes but my bank wont give me a debit card so im forced to teef other peoples purchases from this site.. i slowly see the jump up section dying and being over run with uploads which are irrelevant to what jump up is rite now........ (moderators > make an old jump up category????????????????
  13. Current Value - The Patcher

    I dont know what to make of it, i love my hectic tunes but this is lacking something... it needs a fat switch up after the second drop? it dont make me think "ooooooooshit dats naaaasty" it just kinda changes the bass synth and adds a fx but the same melodic structure. it needs more choppy variation. I like the idea though.
  14. Hizzleguy - Maximum Impact

    If you knew anything about how jump up and all EDM is produced you would know that artists work together alot and pass on there knowledge for other artists to take and develop for themselves. Im not saying that hizzleguy actually worked with nu elementz to make this tune but he definatley got some INSPIRATION from them. Unfornutaly jump up is at a stage where its hard for producers to be original unless your someone like hazard who in my opinion should have a whole sub genre in his name cuz every tune he makes is pioneering..... 90% of the time. My answer is if you dont like it go try make something original and realise just how hard it is and then maybe you will appreciate producers work more......(disclaimer) i dont rate hizzleguy hes wank so what do you expect?
  15. Airvalue - Ballin'

    The fact that you mentioned jayline as if hes some sort drum n bass god kinda explains why you would like this tune.