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  1. Bladerunner – Jungle Jungle VIP

    BOOOOOOOM! This is a killa RMX - s'all about the timestretching
  2. Andy Skopes - Second Time Around

    Cheers mate Loving the beats - vocal combo on this one
  3. Potential Badboy - Over My Head

    Yes mate! Classic P-Badboy
  4. Potential Badboy - Bun Up [feat. Yush]

    Wicked thanks mate
  5. Dillinja - Friday

    Absolute classic - cheers for the WAV ... my vinyl copy is sounding distinctly crackly (over 20 years old
  6. Detboi - Claws (Original Mix)

    Absolute Star! Thanks man!
  7. Detboi - Claws (Original Mix)

    Sorry, do you have the rest of the EP? Thanks a lot!
  8. Detboi - Claws (Original Mix)

    BEAST! Thanks mate
  9. Hillsdom - Sluggish

    Ha! That's the bass I'm looking for Thanks man!
  10. Dossa & Locuzzed - Serenade

    These guys always do the job! cheers mate
  11. High Maintenance - Broken Pieces

    Yeah this is a nice vibe cheers mate
  12. Cheers mate this one's heavy
  13. Maverick Soul - Covert

    Sick B-line .. thanks mate
  14. Jazzatron - Mmmboh

    Yeah man Jazzatron got the flava