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  1. Dr. Fresch - Sick

    Hnnggg, goodness...
  2. BeauDamian - Sign Waves

    My head just exploded. This is amazing.
  3. Nathaniel Knows x Ditta & Dumont - Tell Em (ft Matt)

  4. Sneo - Elysian (Original Mix)

    What a story of a song...
  5. Jax Jones – House Work (feat. Mike Dunn & MNEK)

    The little dancing dude in the video is amazing.
  6. Kaskade & CID - Us (Ardalan Remix)

    This is delicious.
  7. Macfie - Voicemail

    This is rich!
  8. Coyu & Edu Imbernon - El Baile Aleman (Patrick Topping Remix)

    Ooooo, hot sauce.
  9. Fuckin' gnarly dude. D:
  10. Thanks dude! These remixes are awesome.
  11. Escape - Just Escape (Justin Martin Remix)

    What a gorgeous tune.
  12. Breach - Artis

    This is fuckin' awesome!
  13. Disco Fries - Philtrum (Original Mix)

    Hot DOG! (yeah) This is liquid fire. Whatever that means!