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    many branches of the edm tree interest me. and the edm tree has many, many branches.
  1. Jakes - State

  2. SHRQ - Talk

    this definitely someone to watch out for! biggups to the lil homie SHRQ repping FRANCE <3

  4. Infekt, Hedex, Subfiltronik - Obscurangout (Nexu5 Edit)

    I'm gonna go ahead and assume you are nexu5. That's cool man. Still though. The end of this song fades out and drops way low in quality so I assumed that you pulled a hype move. A lot of artists do so I don't think it is unfair for me to make that assumption. Biggups on posting the link to the full on here though, that is appreciated.
  5. Infekt, Hedex, Subfiltronik - Obscurangout (Nexu5 Edit)

    man who releases a tune that's a minute and 20 seconds long. such hypeboy moves appreciate the post on ur part tho, but bummer on nexu5 part
  6. Gentlemens Club - 6000

    so this is essentially a playable one drop with a 30 second drop. why dey dooo dis.
  7. Jauz - Alpha (LAXX Remix)

    high key wish that the drops were longer, but this bangs, thanks for the up.
  8. Aweminus - Wonton Bass

    tune gooooes, thanks for the up
  9. Akira x Subfiltronik - Black Knight (Getorix Remix)

    ooii, thanks much biggups !
  10. Akira x Subfiltronik - Black Knight (Getorix Remix)

    yo all good, thanks, biggups <3
  11. Akira x Subfiltronik - Black Knight (Getorix Remix)

    64 kbps? is this a jooooooooke >.<
  12. Lifecycle - Zero X (Ecto Bootleg)

    i was sorta thinking the same thing, ecto's name excites me though cus badnugz is one of my favorite crews in the riddim scene. good thought though haha, literally I clicked on this with like the same mindset lol
  13. Infekt - Glock Dance

    awe man I got this plate like a month ago , biggups though, glad it got released. tune is sick
  14. KillaGraham - Arisen

    same, second drop is too breaky for me