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    many branches of the edm tree interest me. and the edm tree has many, many branches.
  1. Gentlemens Club - 6000

    so this is essentially a playable one drop with a 30 second drop. why dey dooo dis.
  2. Jauz - Alpha (LAXX Remix)

    high key wish that the drops were longer, but this bangs, thanks for the up.
  3. Aweminus - Wonton Bass

    tune gooooes, thanks for the up
  4. Akira x Subfiltronik - Black Knight (Getorix Remix)

    ooii, thanks much biggups !
  5. Akira x Subfiltronik - Black Knight (Getorix Remix)

    yo all good, thanks, biggups <3
  6. Akira x Subfiltronik - Black Knight (Getorix Remix)

    64 kbps? is this a jooooooooke >.<
  7. Lifecycle - Zero X (Ecto Bootleg)

    i was sorta thinking the same thing, ecto's name excites me though cus badnugz is one of my favorite crews in the riddim scene. good thought though haha, literally I clicked on this with like the same mindset lol
  8. Infekt - Glock Dance

    awe man I got this plate like a month ago , biggups though, glad it got released. tune is sick
  9. KillaGraham - Arisen

    same, second drop is too breaky for me
  10. KillaGraham - Arisen

    shoot man with what I'm hearing I wouldn't be surprised if he been in the lab cooking up weight, this is too nice

    man I would hope not, that's basically unheard of, like I don't think I've heard of anyone stooping so low
  12. THÉOS - r a r e .

    that would be magnificent! please and thank you!
  13. THÉOS - r a r e .

    I appreciate u getting back to me onnit, much appreciated fam
  14. THÉOS - r a r e .

    hermm.. must be my browser or something! it takes me to the page where I download the file, but once I click download it takes me to a 404 not found page. I'm on a cheap lil e book though so its probably my browser or something!
  15. MORE NIGHT - More Vibes

    ughh all these more night tunes are fire though