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  1. Fant4stik - Reptilians

    Think it's frenchcore. @caughtinthetrap Any help on this?
  2. Imo breakbeat fits better.
  3. Ordure & ZeroZero - Wafels

  4. Subfiltronik - Passout (MurDa Remix)

    You need to realise that they all had it coming with selling their tunes to everyone and their mom. These tunes are not inclined to any copyright or whatsoever, so as soon as anyone buys them (and seeing it's not an official release or something) they can do with it as they please. so again, tell your friendos they should wisen up regarding selling tunes, because this aids literally only happens in the riddim scene.
  5. Infekt - Rapout

    It always baffles me how it's always the same artists that get end up leaked. I swear to god, I've seen thousands of leaked tunes in lists and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any single AD track, for instance.
  6. Black Opps - Magic Trick

    drums don't fit tbh
  7. dBridge vs Skeptical - Poor & Poverty

    And that's the problem. People who can't differ between this type of d&b and halftime anymore.
  8. Hatcha - Vision

    sigh. Disciple is just ruining everything. Don't even understand why Hatcha would walk this bandwagon
  9. Forenzik - Squishee

    Heb je volledig album?
  10. dBridge vs Skeptical - Poor & Poverty

    moved to deep/tech
  11. D-Jahsta - Amon

  12. D-Jahsta - Virus Type D

    So, when is he actually gonna release the LP? It claimed to be released on the 4th, but found nothing online..