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  1. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    I can show a whole lot halftime tunes with similar synths... It's not because i'd make a D&B tune with FB synths it makes it FB...
  2. 1991 - Mayk Yu Myne?

    I should actually move this to Halftime. Also why is the version on UKF like 25 seconds longer..
  3. Spass - Hi Tek (ID VIP)

    This goes well together with the BloodThinnerz VIP of Passout
  4. @GattsuGot the rest of the album, fam?
  5. ÆTERNA - Sköll

    This is halftime for sure. Also I agree on the fact that drumstep should be in d&b as it is the same bpm ranges. breakbeat however has a totally diff bpm range
  6. Azabim & Le Muff - Science

    uh. did you actually listen before posting? lmao
  7. Document One - Pulse

    Subsections serve a purpose. moved to deep/tech
  8. GLXY - Lucid

    Good signing tho. Both for GLXY & Shogun. They leave people to their own style, which is always a big plus, certainly in GLXY's case. Shouldn't be too long before they bring out an album probably.
  9. GLXY - Lucid

    their* hehe
  10. Albeit the orig is still on of my favorites from Wilkinson, I had to move this to the right section. I guess this one fits best?
  11. Fox Stevenson - Miss You (D&B Mix)

    biggest garbage i've heard in years.
  12. Geode - Wellsprung

    I'm going with UK hehe
  13. Geode - Accomplice

    moved this on to deep dub. Can you tag me in the ones that need to be moved aswell? i'll do it when I get home tonight.
  14. Milano - Silica

    think Drumstep fits best?