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  1. Rampage - Blokpass Filterlorg

    when is this ever gonna stop
  2. https://mixstep.co/s1pn0a2h5bzv
  3. Break - Midnite Classic

    Not feeling this one tbh
  4. Lost Ft. Beezy - Swingerz

    @Toll-Booth-Jim nope. I'll give out a 2nd clue: One of the aliases of the remixer (of the remix we're looking for obv) is just a single letter and digit. @K.LINE
  5. Halogenix - Jump Suit

  6. Halogenix - Reset

  7. https://mixstep.co/rt2ymn502hi8
  8. https://mixstep.co/3hpnctt225y9
  9. Lost Ft. Beezy - Swingerz

    @K.LINE It's a remix, and the remixer has 2 aliases
  10. Akira & Subfiltronik - Black Knight EP

    @Danktrooper It's ok. Zippy is still allowed.
  11. Producers: What do you want to learn? [2017]

    I really would like to learn how to produce at all. Most likeably Drum & Bass. But I feel unless someone actually shows me IRL, I'm never gonna get started sadly enough.
  12. Lost Ft. Beezy - Swingerz

    @K.LINE No as in, I found a good double drop that goes with this tune.
  13. Lost Ft. Beezy - Swingerz

    @Rick Sanchez I'm a mod for crying out loud, do you really think i'mma go up transcodes?
  14. Lost Ft. Beezy - Swingerz

    Don't the numbers in the title kinda make it obvious it comes from beatport?
  15. Lost Ft. Beezy - Swingerz

    @AbomConflict No, it's just a tune I found myself. For you to guess what that tune is