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  1. I remember mentioning something about it a few years ago and nothing came of it but I'll try again.
  2. You guys don't HAVE a respective genre section for this music, which is why I made this. Because it's not "Hard Dance" or "Hard Trance". It's Hard House. And I have a bunch more where it came from as well as Scouse and NRG. Admittedly, when I first made this I had hoped my post would create a genre section for it but I was mistaken. So I'd love to comply but I don't have an actual spot for these tunes to go to.
  3. Kevin Byrne - DisgustINC(unt)
  4. James K & Ben Stevens - Faster & Faster
  5. DJ Trajic - Headbangers (Original Mix) This one is a US Hard House classic versus all the other ones I'm posting that are UK Hard House.
  6. Defective Audio - Voodoo Beats
  7. Craig Lee - Resistance Is Futile
  8. BK & Adam M - Like This
  9. Ben K VS Deeprose T - I'm Your DJ
  10. Audox & Bam Bam - Exhibit A
  11. Audiohedz & Audox - Acetate
  12. We need to build on these intertwined genres.
  13. Anybody got re-ups on this sick ch00n?
  14. Re-up?
  15. Re-up?