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  1. Vindata, Skrillex, Nstasia - Favor

    Got mine from deezer
  2. Don't know where to put this. Cool song tho. https://mixstep.co/da3onkkdakek
  3. https://mixstep.co/yi38fsgpcps6
  4. Trippy Turtle - Animal

  5. Mura Masa – Blu (feat. Damon Albarn)

    i kind of like the autotune haha
  6. best i could find http://www.hulkshare.com/checktr/flosstradamus-fki-1st-graves-ft-post-malone-key-came-up
  7. Future - Mask Off (Marshmello Remix)

    fuck a genre. sounds more clubby than trappy tho
  8. Cavalier - Visions (feat. montell2099)

    thanks sir.
  9. Hucci - Flight (feat. Wizard)

    hucci is god
  10. Rickyxsan - Poppin'

    it's probably from r/xtrill on reddit
  11. SLANDER - Dead (YOOKiE Remix)

  12. RL Grime & What So Not & Skrillex - Waiting

    I suspected this.
  13. RL Grime & What So Not & Skrillex - Waiting

    Lol for sure I'm assuming the itunes transcode is the only one leaked now.
  14. RL Grime & What So Not & Skrillex - Waiting

    Here's one from a private tracker: http://www115.zippyshare.com/v/eYjM3Cjo/file.html spek looks the same to me idk