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  1. Borgore - 100s (Original Mix)

    same with all his music LUL
  2. Borgore - 100s (Original Mix)

    lul you obviously never heard of borgore before.
  3. Welcome to the new CLLV Community

    Can we get a favicon? I like to reference my bookmarks by them. edit: nvm see it now
  4. Barely Alive - Rough And Rugged

    Only song I wanted thx mane
  5. Steve Aoki - Get Me Outta Here (feat. Flux Pavilion)

    All the links are down...
  6. Steve Aoki - Get Me Outta Here (feat. Flux Pavilion)

    Yeah it's old just not up here.
  7. Steve Aoki - Get Me Outta Here (feat. Flux Pavilion)

    "Steve Aoki" (lol) & Flux Pavilion - Get Me Outta Here 140bpm Yeah I didn't listen to anything else on the album as you can tell.
  8. Aryay - The Lawnmower (MLW Remix)

    Thought this was a sick one from the competition
  9. Zomboy - WTF!? (Cookie Monsta Remix)

    Anyone got this? I missed it.
  10. Wow! Artists use the same synths and samples? Didn't know this!!!!!!! please tell more
  12. Dodge & Fuski - Python VIP

  13. Gauntlet - Fitsey

    nice work! I was wondering what happened to Gaunlet after Mary ;)