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  1. Danny Howard - Cosmic Girl

    Good and trippy!!
  2. Danny Howard - Havwest

    love that swinging bass line!!
  3. Audiojack - 6EQUJ5

  4. DJ PP, Jack Mood - Kick Ass!

    slightly similar bass line is only part remotely sounding like the above mentioned track by Daft Junk
  5. Ryan Forever - Nasty (Original MIx)

    Don't we all, lol
  6. Nick Monaco - Drama

  7. Hazzaro - Make My Day (Original Mix)

    damn fine tune
  8. Codes - Reality Music (Original Mix)

    so many layers, trippy aF!
  9. Green Velvet & Mason Maynard - Auto Mate

  10. ALPHANO - Do It (Original Mix)

    Holy ShiT!! <---for sure !!!
  11. wish it was longer, love it though.
  12. Mat.Joe - Love Stream

  13. P!nk - What About Us (Pink Panda Remix)

    The Tiesto afterhours remix is the closest track in vibe to his legendary ISoSR musick to come out in years. This one is good too. I'm a techno lover but anything by P!nk I always enjoy (closet fan)