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  1. Peking Duk - Fake Magic (LO'99 Remix)

    Thank you! Lo99 always has amazing work!
  2. Chee - Shwifty

    If troyboi made halftime, this would be what it would sound like haha.
  3. Moby - Natural Blues (Icicle Remix)

    Literally knocked the wind out of me, jeeeesus charist!
  4. Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin'

  5. Urbandawn - Like What

  6. Smooth - Device (Original Mix)

  7. This track just made me hyperventilate I love it!
  8. Kursa & Seppa - Fucko Possé

    That second drop is so dirty I had to take a second shower this morning
  9. Dimension - Whip Slap (Patient Halftime Edit)

    My brain hit the wall with this one, soooo good man! Thanks for the DL!
  10. deadmau5 ft Grabbitz - Let Go (2Budz Remix)

    Please be sure to include zippy or mixstep links.
  11. N*E*R*D - Rockstar (Konka Flip)

    @KonkaBass Huge huge huge track man! Lovin it.
  12. Clockvice - Tudiskava (Culprate Remix)

    Definitely more halfstep than glitch. Huge track!
  13. I literally went erect within .0005 seconds
  14. MRJ - Daft

  15. I love love love that Anton Ishutin remix!!
  16. Bali Bandits - Smack! (Extended Mix)

    The melody during the breakdown is so reminiscent of some j & k pop,also would work well with some vocaloid inspired tracks too. Loving this track!
  17. DJ Sign - Get Right (Organ Mix)

    @Ashton Seems the focus is more on the melody, but definitely low on the bass, however, this makes it great for mixing with jackin basslines
  18. DUSTYCLOUD - Sometimes

    @Crispydank It seems to be this way across several sections of these boards, it's sad however, I have noticed a much larger influx of free releases all around through SC, Bandcamp, etc.
  19. LTJ X-Perience - People'$ (DJ Mumbles Remix)

    @br4d24 I would agree, at least definitely not jackin/bassline, the bassline itself is indicative of this lol
  20. Soltan - Turn Up (Original Mix)

    Glad to see more Soltan stuff!!!
  21. Diplo & Alvaro - 6th Gear (Twine Remix) [feat. Kstylis]

    dope track, thanks!