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Everything posted by Formality

  1. VOLAC is always an auto-DL for me, but this track is something else, one of my faves they've released!
  2. Mousse T. - Horny (Fake News Remix)

    Be sure to include a link for DL through zippy or mixstep, per forum rules!
  3. Perculat0r - Rudeflex

    Perkulat0r primarily produces west coast and experimental bass. He's on of my faves tho
  4. Perculat0r - Rudeflex

    Think this one would apply for the experimental bass section very well
  5. Vorso - Needle VIP

    Vorso is bangin'
  6. Left/Right - Leave It (Original Mix)

    I don't think there is a left/right tune that I dislike
  7. Felguk - Sometimes

    Unnnnnnfffff This is a beaute
  8. Cheshire - My Style (Orphic Remix)

    Could I get a re-up?
  9. Ordure - Hold Me Close (2017 Re-Master)

    This track has been a staple in my halftime/halfstep sets for a bit now, gets the crowd moving 100% of the time!
  10. Peking Duk - Fake Magic (LO'99 Remix)

    Thank you! Lo99 always has amazing work!
  11. Peking Duk - Fake Magic (LO'99 Remix)

    @bowers Link is down?
  12. Mr. Bill & Qubit - We Like Springs

    Oh man, I forgot about this track haha. Qubit was the first DJ locally that I saw play psy glitch, now he's a good friend of mine haha. What a flashback to the past for me, thank you for that!
  13. Mr. Bill & Clockvice - Klaf

    What an interesting collab, love it!
  14. Dirt Monkey - Parisian Punch

    Sounds like the right place to me!
  15. Chee - Shwifty

    If troyboi made halftime, this would be what it would sound like haha.
  16. kLL sMTH - Splaterdashery (Alejo Remix)

    FYI second link is WAV, not mp3
  17. Moby - Natural Blues (Icicle Remix)

    Literally knocked the wind out of me, jeeeesus charist!
  18. Urbandawn - Like What

  19. Smooth - Device (Original Mix)