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  1. Distorted Minds – Ghost Town VIP

    I have this version for 3-4 years now I thought all time long it's a legit VIP however I was wrong.. https://mixstep.co/j05gsubh9xr8 Does anyone have a clue who made it or is it a v2? thanks..
  2. G Dub - Forever (Original Sin VIP)

    This is a must have!!!! Thanks for the latest uploads m8!
  3. Meddler - The Line

  4. Taxman – Badboy Danger

    I think it would fit into Drumstep or Halfstep topic better..
  5. Camo & Krooked - Climax

    It’s already up. Please use search bar before uploading/posting!
  6. TC - ?$P2

  7. Danny Byrd - Devil's Drop

    Wtf? Medic!!!
  8. Madcap - Rain

    Massive cover!!! LOL
  9. Zeds Dead & Jauz – Lights Go Down

    Don’t expect too much like for a song even if there are a lot of download on it.. However I didn’t like, imo they should stay in their genre.. For me it sounds like a producers first attemption of making a dnb track, when Skrillex made his first good dnb rmx on Goin’ In, I said it doesn’t matter what he’s dealing with thats gonna work and sound good. Well this just didn’t happen to them but it still can.
  10. Tomoyoshi - Bassline Road

    Thank you bro!
  11. Tomoyoshi - Beat So Funky

    Hi m8! Don't you have Bassline Road by any chance? Thank you!
  12. Voltage - Muzik

  13. Fugees – Ready Or Not (Champion Bootleg)

    Is anyone counting these remixes they've done on this one so far?
  14. If they made it back in 2000 I can understand this spek...
  15. Tomoyoshi - Stay Foolish

    That's a tuna! https://mixstep.co/tnnei02es3ca