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  1. niiiiice post, dreamy and dancy!
  2. Big tune from one of my hometown hero's
  3. niiiice wan mang
  4. This is a great tune man
  5. Great transition tune, thanks man
  6. No, this is noise
  7. @Droe33 @waxnwayne @evok Do you think I can get a re-upload on this track, fuckin love it!
  8. Hey can i possiblly get a re-up on this track? @Robotnik @Stayshigh @vlex
  9. @deathgrip do you know my homies Ben and Tom Stund? This jam seems up their alley
  10. Not fluent in House genres but seems pretty bassline to me, so I hope it belongs here.
  11. Most of these uploads (including the Saturate Vol 5. Upload) belong in experimental or halftime. Only a few are actually trap.
  12. Pretty sure this is Trap
  14. I loove this song, have had it for a while but thanks for the reminder man.
  15. Just as a heads up, both Hyroglifics tracks posted caused my cpu to max out whenever I tried moving or opening them. Possible it was just the download that was corrupted, but felt sharing the info would be cool. Was forced to delete the files with command prompt.