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  1. L D R U - Sizzlar EP

    Is it just me, or this EP could easily go to the Trap section as well?! either way, it really is SIZZLING! BOMB EP! thanks alot for the upload
  2. Spag Heddy - Reheated EP

    MARVELOUS REMIX EP! quite disappointed by the Brostep Remixes (not a surprise), but the "Harder Riddim-ish" Remixes Blew the house Up! oddprophet one probably being the best, and I disagree with you about the Gentelmens Club Remix...IT'S DELICIOUS! in a good and filthy way THANKS ALOT FOR THE UPLOAD
  3. VA - Knights Of The Round Table Vol. 1

    OK, so after giving all of the tunes a proper listen, I can definately say there's something for each Genre-lover on this EP Riddim, Brostep, Filth... which I guess is the whole point of this Desciple's sub-label to begin with (to give the label's diversity yet another twist!) for me, Desciple is probably the main top label for good bass music for some years now, so it's no surprise... and of course, I have to express my personal opinion HA HA, so here are my TOP 5 overall tunes: 1. Ad Astra and Yakz - Broadcast 2. Oolacile - Planetary Federation 3. Dirt Monkey and Shank Aaron feat. Born I - What It Is 4. Graphyt - School of Gangsters 5. London Nebel - Express Yourself * wrote a bunch of comments about each track, but the formation got fucked up, and it looked all funny on the page, so I'll save you the pleasure AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...THANKS ALOT FOR THE UPLOAD!
  4. VA - Black Label XL 4

    agree there's no room for comparison between the two releases, and yet, I totally understand where Zwizz is coming from... I think it's mainly because there's soooooo much Dubstep (and sub-genres) nowadays, most of which is just pure crap, and that's why it's hard to come across something that really stands out or makes you go WOW. for me, Dubstep (or maybe "Brostep" to be more accurate) is mainly listenable, only when mixed into a set or a short mix... allmost can't think of a track that can stand on his own! and NSD as a label, is on that very thin line of Garbage-Step and Decent Bass music, so this release is no exception I guess... with that being said, I do think this is a pretty solid release (definately not the worst I've heard from NSD), and I actually did like "Ominous" , "Inconvenience" and "Rompa Stompa" and "ROAWR"! SO THANKS ALOT FOR THE UPLOAD!
  5. Chee ft. Noclu - Get Hot (G Jones Remix)

  6. EPROM & G Jones - Hysteria

  7. Delta Heavy - Gargantua

  8. Culprate & Joe Ford - Gaucho (Original Mix)

    2 great minds at work...thanks for the upload!
  9. Gerra & Stone - Polarism

    (mainly for you effort in uploading all the tracks!, not cause I think this album is so amazing...)
  10. p0gman & Terravita - Clap Back (Original Mix)

    this one really grows on your ass! thanks alot
  11. Al Ross - Boneless

    the kind of track that needs to grow on you, but a POTENTIAL BEAST! THANKS ALOT, MAN!
  12. The Others - Do It Like This

    RIGHT YOU ARE! Im shocked to find out about it! it is indeed only one producer by the name of Alex Crawford... was under the impression that they are 2 guys, up until now...shame on me! THANKS FOR THAT
  13. The Others - Do It Like This

    Welcome back, The Others! I love how they always strive to be better, and stay in the game...AMAZING! thanks for the upload
  14. Skrillex - First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)

    It is interesting, without a doubt...thanks for the upload!
  15. Lunice - Tha Doorz

    from his New Album CCCLX... must admit, it's the only tune I digged in there, but Lunice still does the job ENJOY