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  1. Trevor Kelly & AaA - Rooots

    Only the name AaA attracted me lol.
  2. Savant - Shark

    Yeah I saw that on FB too. This guy pretty much sets records for the time it takes to make tunes lol.
  3. Savant - Wildstyle (Original Mix)

    Made it in 4 hours 14 min. Wtf
  4. MUST DIE! - Sky Child (Original Mix)

    The man is a beast (perfect)
  5. SubVibe - This Is SubVibe VIP

    Funny how I always see a post on FB from an artist releasing a song, and I come straight here to get it lol. Cheers to SubVibe for reaching 20k :)
  6. Kairo Kingdom - One Two (Kezwik Remix)

    Kezwik never disappoints, another banger (perfect)(perfect)
  7. OMG & ShockWave - The Immortals

    As far as I know, they stole like a sound from Pegboard Nerds - Pressure Cooker and then fought with JD4D claiming it was their own, but then were proved PN had that sound years before the release... Or something like that lol.
  8. Savant - Fat Cat Shuffle

    Lol Kev I like how you grabbed KTN's photo. O lol'd when I scrolled through my news feed and saw it.
  9. Spenca - Annex

    Kev is good friends with Spenca, no? That's quite possibly the reason why lol.
  10. Spag Heddy - I Need You (Original Mix)

    Spag Heddy always goes in! Thanks for the upload sir.
  11. HeavyWeight - ButterKnife (Mitis Remix)

    As always Kev you put up another banger. Thank you sir :)
  12. Necromonger- Pop That (VIP)

  13. Big Makk - Hold On To Trap

    Guy is from Orlando, big around my area. Surprised to see his stuff on here lol. Good for him though
  14. All your posts are awesome Kev. Gotta love that J. Rabbit