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  1. Oh yes, the free dl was fucked up, so Big up on upping a working version
  2. Could someone please reup this one for me? Thaaanks in advance!
  3. Thank you sooo much sir! Still need to finally order a copy of this one tho
  4. Just recocgnized the Zippy link is down, so if someone else still needs/wants this banger: Here is Hedex official download link from dnbshare
  5. @doylebs @6 @all 20/20 Version is out for free now as well via Icarus/Warner, but apprently just another fucking 192...
  6. They commented this concerning the bitrate on facebook in case you are still wondering. Btw, does someone know if & when their 20/20 Remix of this will be coming out?
  7. Any chance of a reup? :)
  8. Could someone re-up this for me? So wonderful!
  9. Could someone re-up this for me please? Really need this tune but can't afford to buy it right now.
  10. Re-up? :)
  11. Hey man :)

    Could you re-up dropping bombs? thanks!

  12. Re up please! :)