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  1. Kursa - GTFU

    Issa 2 minute song brah
  2. K Theory - UBS (2013 VIP)

    Oh man good memories with this track, used to play this shit in like every set haha
  3. Jaden Smith - Icon (William. Remix)

    damnit now im downloading a jaden smith remix what has the world come to
  4. Shanghai Doom - Invasion

    Shit lol good call I stopped maintaining the thread a couple years ago but there are still a ton of good tempo change tracks!
  5. Shanghai Doom - Invasion

  6. Dj Ride - Fuck Up The Party - Psi Fi remix

    yeeee this is too fast but definitely has a dubstep feel
  7. BadKlaat - Knuckle Sandwich

    I don't headbang... But this shit makes me want to
  8. Borgore – Blasphemy (Original Mix)

    IDK first time was pretty bad
  9. Mr. Carmack - More Lemons

    Yup! N.E.R.D ft. Rihanna - Lemon. Shit is fire!
  10. Myro & Bar9 – Take Me Up

    Shit yes!
  11. The Arcturians - Storm (Signal Remix)

    Got the edit? I could do but I'm lazy lol
  12. Carta - Bring It Back (Extended Mix)

    1st half is breaks... niceeee
  13. Downlink & Vaski - REKT (Original Mix)

    3 negative comments.... 18 thanks. Hmmmmm