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  1. Wax Motif - Make It Rain

  2. Malaa & Dombresky - Hostyl

  3. nice. Edit: MP3 here:
  4. Tsuruda - Move LP

    Of course, i'll warn everybody, and make sure that this post is deleted.
  5. Trolley Snatcha - Get Physical EP

    This is the official release, prob just the meta data is fucked up, but the quality isn't gonna get better than this if it isn't lossless.
  6. VA - Hospitality in The Park 2017

    oh shit, that was quick. reuploaded on drive bro.
  7. MP3 320KBPS Uploaded on drive because cloudsany was giving me an error. I'll try to re-up it on cloudsany later. Also, no individuals this time, because it is 70 songs. Enjoy PART 1 PART 2
  8. Loadstar - Give Yourself

    Well I kinda liked it, Loadstar tried to do something unique imo, and it isn't THAT bad.
  9. I'll try rick, most of these I'm uploading at my job, the internet there is horrible.
  10. MP3 320KBPS
  11. MP3 320KBPS
  12. Loadstar - Give Yourself

    MP3 320KBPS
  13. Jarvis - Rise Of The Phoenix

    thanks bro.
  14. MP3 320KBPS
  15. MP3 320KBPS