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  1. Well I kinda liked it, Loadstar tried to do something unique imo, and it isn't THAT bad.
  2. MP3 320KBPS
  3. MP3 320KBPS
  4. MP3 320KBPS
  5. Grab the mp3 if you wish.
  6. Imagine this sound in the club with the loudest audio you know.
  7. Strange, I though mods could delete posts, irc in the old cllv site it was possible.
  8. My posts are always legit speks But yeah, the guy who posted this earlier deserves to have his posted moved to the dubstep section again, instead of the request section. And after that, delete my post, he posted the legit tune first.
  9. MP3 320KBPS
  10. MP3 320KBPS
  11. MP3 320KBPS
  12. MP3 320KBPS
  13. MP3 320KBPS
  14. This is pure fire, thanks 6.