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  1. Crunchy
  2. https://mixstep.co/zf321b3jb658
  3. 🔥 WAV https://mixstep.co/gkg8we7nke6y MP3 https://mixstep.co/g05lb3e0hkg1
  4. It's back up
  5. Aww shiet guys. Sorry I'll upload zippy later
  6. https://mixstep.co/8n9hpe6orpi4
  7. https://mixstep.co/jiapfvhz2phn
  8. those growls make it dubstep. deep bass. proper tune.
  9. https://mixstep.co/yuuyq77h6wia
  10. may you grow strength in your journey. may you find peace with your past, present and future, and may you continue to seek new opportunities. things will get better.
  11. Cookie and funty said it was a piss take so it's not meant to be taken seriously, which I get. Not my fav of the EP, but still a fun listen.
  12. MP3 https://mixstep.co/3dn5znvaxw9k
  13. https://mixstep.co/57ujvexcvelz
  14. https://mixstep.co/eit1lodrs25t
  15. https://mixstep.co/ukltugexldzz