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  1. KYLI - Loose You (Ivory Remix)

  2. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Brain Sludge

  3. https://mixstep.co/af5z1ev0pklo
  4. https://mixstep.co/53jyamcwd4o5
  5. https://mixstep.co/7003gbhjzryw
  6. https://mixstep.co/8kwoeqw1ac6n
  7. Zomboy - Rotten (feat. Bok Nero) (Trolley Snatcha Remix)

    The sound is reminiscent of Genetix's metallic sound they once used. The second drop is all Trolley though.
  8. Gentlemens Club - New Presidents (feat. Watson) (Mastadon Remix)

    Yeah mastodons speks haven't been too great (black Label EP)
  9. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Supreme Symbiote

  10. Subscape - Ease The Pain

    Btw for anyone wondering, Subscape IS back.
  11. TrollPhace & Uber - The Pain Train

  12. Spass - Hi Tek (ID VIP)

    Whoops posted a duplicate. Reporting myself lol.
  13. Chibs & Bueg - NANG SLANG

    xTrill https://mixstep.co/scybrve79sr0
  14. Chibs - Badmun

    xTrill https://mixstep.co/g7k8y21cyask
  15. Spass - Hi Tek (ID VIP)

    xTrill https://mixstep.co/xsxg6jnqf69a