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  1. Dion Timmer - Berzerk (feat. MagMag)

  2. VA - Black Label XL 4

    Eh it's kind of an unfair comparison. First off it's not like they planned this to go against round table. It was already in the works (Xl albums usually release around this time before Halloween). Secondly the tracks are picked by Badklaat and not Skism himself. Third, Xl albums usually have about 10 tracks but Round tables first EP is a showcase which means a large sample selection of what the label is about, which is 20 tracks. Now if they released xxl 2 or something like that then we can definitely compare the two labels, but that's not the point. As SKiSM said, good music Is good music and you can like whatever you like. I however love this EP.
  3. VA - Black Label XL 4

    No it's cool, I understand your viewpoint. I agree.
  4. VA - Black Label XL 4

    You have to consider that some websites release a day sooner, so having it be 24 hours from release wouldn't necessarily be a leak. Pretty sure I told you that already. But yes, leaking in general can ruin hype for releases.
  5. VA - Black Label XL 4

    .. Do you know what site you're on?
  6. VA - Black Label XL 4

    https://cloudsany.com/18wiztl6gqbg http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/QaM6GYxz/file.html
  7. BadKlaat - Rompa Stompa

  8. https://mixstep.co/huezgxtl06qo
  9. BadKlaat - ROAWR

  10. Svdden Death - Dr. Boy Ball

  11. Aweminus - Ominous

  12. Ponicz - Thru Your Speaker

  13. MurDa - Solace

  14. The Others - Do It Like This

    I posted this already
  15. Spag Heddy - Reheated EP

    Various albums.