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  1. Subfiltronik - Passout (MurDa Remix)

    > wants to make it as an artist > doesn't want to actually release created songs into the fanbase tho > believes songs are somehow actually more 'special' by dint of anyone who actually just wants to listen to it, not being able to. > is somehow surprised when people pirate a song after they've listened to it 200x on soundcloud for a year with no release date and its worn out to fuck such fucking backwards logic


    anyone wanna throw up the full compilation up in a folder just to piss monxx off? comedy moment on facebook rn where he's just spat dummy out and started deleting comments cause someone mentioned they might not actually want to sign themselves up to a shitload of soundcloud feed spam i forgot shit-tier organisation and having loose files within folders within folders with and all of them differently named and in different formats with bad tags is what the scene is all about looool
  4. Megalodon - Hood Anthem

    love megalodon, made some great stuff. I just now feel like I've heard the same song rearranged 5 slightly different ways
  5. Subject 31 - Automated

    he is, but whoever he sends his mastering jobs off too . max volume all the time is not the right sound for this, that creation EP sounds like its been run through a quarry crusher any time it starts to push the volume
  6. Opiuo - Chubby Putty ft. Beats Antique (Griff Remix)

    other way around. Opiuo - Chubby Putty Ft. Beats Antique (griff Remix)
  7. Anima - Bonecrusher (Exabreak Remix)

    thanks for the reup man! dont know why he took this down from SC
  8. Tallan - Only One

    thankyou man! and i agree with you, beatports .wav charges are ridiculous
  9. 50Hz - Alive

    thankyou very much man. wheres this from?
  10. Lost - Holda

    I'm not fussed about having a leak sat on my hard drives, but I'd never play it out because theres always the chance that someone's about that knows you should NOT have that tune. If you take leaks and play em out live, you've no respect for the artist. Yes they give tunes out to select people, but they shouldnt have to expect any leaks. They'd personally give you the tune if they wanted you to play it out. people should be able to lock shit down thats given to em, and create buzz about the tunes by talking about it. either way, is a good tune :)
  11. Lost - Holda

    large tune, hope it is forthcoming, would love to be able to play this out and not be worried
  12. Ponicz - Invade

    everythin ponicz puts out is amazing, cant wait for styx003
  13. Durty Phresh - Sonic Boom

    youtube/soundcloud rip?