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  1. We're Not Friends - Our Curse

    STOP! You have just been CURSED. If you do not send this song to 5 people in 10 minutes you will be FORCED to share OUR CURSE of 5 years bad luck followed by 10 years dillyfuck. Send this to more than 5 people and you will have 5 years good luck 10 years excellent succ. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN. The last person to break this chain is ded. Please do what's best and share.
  2. Flux Pavilion & Outrun - Dynamite (Original Mix)

    love this. wish it was a little more 2017 with the mix but the vibes are spot on
  3. Eptic & MUST DIE! - Ectoplasm (Gentlemens Club Remix)

    track is willllld but should be in /trap no?
  4. We're Not Friends & Pasdat - Mojave

    New one with my roomate Pasdat. We went to the mojave desert and met some crazy wooks and got a rental car stuck in the sand.
  5. We're Not Friends & Pyper - Come With Tha

    We're Not Friends
  6. New one I made that I decided to just release in my Private Facebook Fangroup & Here. Still goes hard tho. Thanx for continued support <3
  7. just came out yesterday via Fools Gold, really proud of this one
  8. We're Not Friends - It's The...

    new one
  9. We're Not Friends - This Is Your Final Warning

    yeah i didn't hear of Let's Be Friends until after I started. Too late, oh well. At least I didn't name my shit after a food product.
  10. Tchami - After Life (We're Not Friends Remix)

    yo everyone thank you so much. means the world to have this forums support <3
  11. Tchami - After Life (We're Not Friends Remix) wav:
  12. We're Not Friends - This Is Your Final Warning This is my personal project.. show me some love if you'd like : wav:
  13. Slushii - Take My Hand

    all i hear is jealousy because of his insanely quick blow up thanks to marshmello, jauz, borgore.. the kid is 18 years old. what he's making is what he loves. this shit isn't manufactured to sell its what inspires him and comes out of him when he makes tunes. the "commercial garbage" that's "killing" dance music as we love it is breeding new talent. slushii is the result.
  14. Minnesota - Raw

    i was pretty unimpressed with minnesota a few years ago.. but this song is great. big ups to that dude. nice to see he's really taken his stuff up a notch
  15. We're Not Friends - Into the Pyramid

    well, this is my first song i've ever put out.. i have no fanbase in any fashion yet. thank you though, means a lot.