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  1. Craset & glo - Vänta

    this track is classic. such a dope collab
  2. Blut Own - Stone Flower

    solid tune. blut own I think has some expansion to show us over the next few years
  3. Chilllito - Still I Do

    chilllito is a legend in my book
  4. Watermat & MOGUAI - Portland (Kaiten Remix)

    deep vibessss. super clean
  5. SqzMe - Goin In VIP

    legendary tune
  6. Opium Camp - North

    this tune is massive! stoked on the ghost community new vibes. i've enjoyed a lot of their stuff the last few years
  7. aLone - rain

    sooo good
  8. Irrelevant - Hemisfear

    happy to see irrelevant producing again after what seems like a few years off
  9. Vacant & Sorrow - Requiem

    biggest collab of 2017 in my book. absolute genius, these two
  10. 100 Day Delay - Atlas (Azaleh Remix)

    respect! both massively talented producers
  11. Asiah & FLO - Arson

    also, these too dudes are absolutely crushing together. some of my favorite tunes of the year so far
  12. Asiah & FLO - Arson

    FG for sure. a lot of developing stuff kinda still needs an appropriate genre if you ask me. A lot of "FG" in the wake of Sorrow sounds like melodic garagestep or some bastardized term that sounds more unique haha.
  13. aLone - walk alone

    love everything aLone puts out. so true to the early dark, minimal, and atmospheric elements of the sound. Thank you in advance for all the uploads
  14. RUFUS! - Withdrawn

    where do these people get off??