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  1. B:Thorough - Pulse Fierce

    Heavy!!! Ty 4 sharing
  2. Seven, Markee Ledge - Rasta

    Nice Dub Vybz on dis 1, raspect 4 sharing!!!
  3. Hi5Ghost - My Tram Experience (Bandulu Records) Wave... https://mixstep.co/t87g5fan0zrf 320.00 Bitrate... https://mixstep.co/uwlfju9lyl4c
  4. Hi5Ghost - Horror - (Bandulu Records)

    Hi5Ghost - Horror - Bandulu Records Wave... https://mixstep.co/d6a5lspxtv4s 320.00 Bitrate Mp3... https://mixstep.co/bjvlbocndb0y
  5. Bengal Sound - Wushu Hand

    Ty 4 sharing
  6. Terror Danjah & Irah - Lyrical Weapon

    Terror Danjah & Irah - Lyrical Weapon (Harddrive Rec. 020) Tune MaDDDDDDDD!!!!!! Was just sent to me in a D.j. promotion pack. 320.00 Bitrate... https://mixstep.co/wch1y0pxo4wb
  7. Valentino Khan - Gold (feat. Sean Paul)

    Ty 4 sharing
  8. Montblanko - Cold Response

    Montblanko - Cold Response - Simply Deep Records 2017 Wave...https://mixstep.co/z73vpubkkn1s 320 Mp3...https://mixstep.co/ifn4d0vaefcx
  9. Remarc - SoundMurderer (Bladerunner Relick)

    Just checked out the rest of the pack dis by far the best one of the package especially the Remarc tune, what happened to him o,0? Almost every single 2k tune i have heard from him is terrible... No soul in his tracks anymore simple jump up beats with weak syth's and shiet baselines, would never play any of his 2k tunes out at a gig, just my personal opinion...
  10. Pull Up Collective, Kartoon - Big Up (Kartoon Remix)

    Ty 4 sharing brotha
  11. Dillinja, Serum - Gangsta (Serum Remix)

    Ty 4 sharing, another nice 2k rmx but again doesn't come close to the original but will work well with sets for dat New school flaver
  12. Nice 1!! by far my fave off this package, always love the flow of Mr. Willamz reminds of a young Super Cat stylee , ty for sharing
  13. Remarc - SoundMurderer (Bladerunner Relick)

    Nice share brotha!! Nice rmx still doesn't top the original in my opinion but still very nice tune... You got the other 3 tunes on dis pack? Would love to hear dem as well
  14. Mungo's Hi-Fi - Rules of the Dance (Kahn Remix)

    Re up please!!!
  15. Kahn & Neek - Percy (Original Mix)

    Link dead please reup!!