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  1. Babeydrew Ft. Assassin (Aka Agent Sasco) - Playground

    How do you no if it's a transcode? I'm on a Dancehall/Reggae producer and dj mailing list and we get all 320bitrate previews of riddims and singles before public release i would think that they would send out "real" 320 bitrate to us.
  2. AtellaGali & Rvssian Ft. Fuego, Konshens & Satori - Burn it Down Nice Collab from AtellaGali & Rvssian prod.
  3. Babeydrew Ft. Assassin Aka Agent Sasco Playground BIG TUNE!!!!!!
  4. Vybz Kartel - Fever (Major Lazer Remix) – Adidjahiem Records & Tj Records Wicked Remix from "Major Lazer" of Vybz Kartel's smash tune Fever!!
  5. Tim Reaper - Screenplay

    Ok you got me there i can agree that I would consider it early breakbeat sounding, (91-93 Style) (Reminds me of old Reinforced labeled stuff or Lucky Spins labeled stuff (if you new kidz even no those labels ) (Aka Intelligent drum 'N' bass we old headz would call this back in the day) and as there isn't really a section for that, (what you newer kidz call drum "n" bass isn't what we older headz call it after looking in that section and listening to a few tunes) on this site. So I guess this is right section I just brought up the "No Ragga" cause every other post in the category has some kind of ragga sample or vibe to it.
  6. Tim Reaper - Screenplay

    Why did you post this in the ragga section? There's no ragga samples in the track at all. Very boring tune too, like a rolla coaster that goes nowhere.
  7. The Decline of CLLV

    SOOO many dead links tried to use the ragga DnB forum and notice almost all the links are dead if it's not on the 1st 2 pages of that section all links are dead
  8. Blazing Fire (Benny Page Remix)

  9. Ed_Solo___Elijah_MC_-_Ruffneck_(VIP_mix)

    Ty for sharing 666 and true 320 Bitrate post
  10. J Bostron - Hangin on the wall

    Link dead can u reup?
  11. Benny Page - Dub Room

    Ty for sharing
  12. Ty for sharing jsut heard dis chune the other day wicked remix
  13. Jamtech ft. Bounty Killer - Dedicated

    Bad chune Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuul Up!!!!!!!!
  14. Barely Alive - Killer In You (Gold Top Remix)

    Nice work with the lyrics chopping