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  1. Lynch Kingsley - Mute Bliss

    Ty 4 sharing luving the vybz on dis one, was curious what year is this from?
  2. Damian Marley - We're Gonna Make It (Seyms Remix)

    Ty 4 sharing
  3. J-Man - Boom Boom

    Ty 4 sharing, the produce did a good job , bassline works well
  4. Dillinja - Sovereign Melody

    Ty 4 sharing
  5. Dillinja - Deadly Ceremonies

    Ty 4 sharing
  6. Babeydrew Ft. Assassin (Aka Agent Sasco) - Playground

    How do you no if it's a transcode? I'm on a Dancehall/Reggae producer and dj mailing list and we get all 320bitrate previews of riddims and singles before public release i would think that they would send out "real" 320 bitrate to us.
  7. AtellaGali & Rvssian Ft. Fuego, Konshens & Satori - Burn it Down Nice Collab from AtellaGali & Rvssian prod. https://mixstep.co/zd7ngcpcllfr
  8. Babeydrew Ft. Assassin Aka Agent Sasco Playground BIG TUNE!!!!!! https://mixstep.co/fdy38sfm8ncm
  9. Vybz Kartel - Fever (Major Lazer Remix) – Adidjahiem Records & Tj Records Wicked Remix from "Major Lazer" of Vybz Kartel's smash tune Fever!! https://mixstep.co/3t9sqdkwf2ff
  10. Tim Reaper - Screenplay

    Ok you got me there i can agree that I would consider it early breakbeat sounding, (91-93 Style) (Reminds me of old Reinforced labeled stuff or Lucky Spins labeled stuff (if you new kidz even no those labels ) (Aka Intelligent drum 'N' bass we old headz would call this back in the day) and as there isn't really a section for that, (what you newer kidz call drum "n" bass isn't what we older headz call it after looking in that section and listening to a few tunes) on this site. So I guess this is right section I just brought up the "No Ragga" cause every other post in the category has some kind of ragga sample or vibe to it.
  11. Tim Reaper - Screenplay

    Why did you post this in the ragga section? There's no ragga samples in the track at all. Very boring tune too, like a rolla coaster that goes nowhere.
  12. Blazing Fire (Benny Page Remix)

  13. Ed_Solo___Elijah_MC_-_Ruffneck_(VIP_mix)

    Ty for sharing 666 and true 320 Bitrate post
  14. J Bostron - Hangin on the wall

    Link dead can u reup?