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  1. Private Trackers

    im with doe. dont want db9 though. redacted would be awesome
  2. ZES - Darkened LP

    @FrnchPAir@Gillbert@juzzatron any chance of an mp3 reup please?
  3. CLLV logo 2017

    needs more options
  4. Giyo - Somnambulist

    he is one of the nicest producers with so much quality music
  5. Giyo - Somnambulist

    hey bro can i please get a reup? i went on to look for it the day that the site shut down
  6. thank you arc
  7. G Jones - Visions

    thank you
  8. GLXY - Luminescence

    thank you boss

    Yeah perhaps if you and GT were willing to put some big hours into this site, you could turn it into something of a likeness. Definitely there aren't enough people to become a tracker like
  10. Total Science-Turn Around EP

    thanks bro
  11. Action against Transcodes

    That's what I'm talking about!
  12. Action against Transcodes

    Alright, I totally get where this comes from but I think the most important thing that needs to be highlighted is that this site's user count is not INcreasing, it's DEcreasing. New mod teams are not going to fix this issue, a different approach to luring in new users is. I like what you have done with the reward system and trading reputation points but I don't believe it's the best we can come up with to attract new users. Perhaps we should pool resources to come up with some more good ideas