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  1. Hey mate, is it possible for you to reup these 2 threads please :



    Or to give any other links (even torrent) ? it would be much appreciated !

    Thx for your participation in the forum btw !!!

  2. Sick Doctor - Void

    https://soundcloud.com/sickdoctor/void http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/95242713/file.html If you'd like the lossless version of the track! sickdoctor.bandcamp.com/track/void
  3. Cookie Monsta - Mosh Pit VIP

    i think i love you!!! :P Thanks a bounch dude!!! ^.^
  4. Shank Aaron - Throw Them Dubz Up!

    Doctor P....is that you?? :P Man i miss his old high pitched sound!
  5. Cruel Reaction & Code:Pandorum - Dark Secrets

    i can feel the Pandorum's vibe on this one :P Just SWEET!!! Thank you very much for sharing this dude!!
  6. Project Exile - Your Own Past (Code: Pandorum Remix)

    Awesomeness!! it sounds more like deathstep to me! Edit: the first drop, i mean! :P
  7. Tomsize on CL!! YAY!! =^.^=
  8. Sadhu - Loud Noises VIP

    SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! (jump) (jump) (jump) (jump) I CANT BELIEVE ITS RELEASED (jump) (jump) (jump) (jump)
  9. Hey man was wondering if you had the authorization code for Chromaphone? :)

  10. re-up plz ^^ pm me also :P
  11. Barron - No Escape (Blazar Remix)

    this need to go to Trap section...i..think...
  12. Systek - Mechanized Wasteland

    FUCK!!!! (jump) (jump) (jump) (jump) (jump)