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  1. Go read the forum rules before ever posting again please!
  2. Nice one, think its drumstep or maybe more trap-ish
  3. Not bad, not bad at all. Lovin' this actually :P
  5. MP3:
  6. Maybe more like 70/30, can def. hear some funtcase on this one
  7. This is some good karma :P
  8. Nice one :P
  9. can someone please re-up this one? :P thanks in advance
  10. Thanks a lot :P how can i have missed this back in 010
  11. I know it does sound a lot like the normal Eclipse, but somehow this is sounding better :P, only adding more mid range to the tune does not give this result for me. I have a feeling there is some kind of Dubplate version or a VIP.
  12. I'm really having some difficulty trying to find out what the name of this massive track is on top of the Sub Focus - Eclipse, from Friction & friends live, ripped from BBC Radio 1xtra Friction & Friends live @ Bournemouth. Hopefully someone on here has a clue :P .
  13. Can someone please re-up the MP3? Thanks in advance :P
  14. Played on The Drum & Bass show, Friction BBC Radio One, past weekend. Any info on this tune?