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  1. Jantsen - Afterglow (Original Mix)

    sounds like an old doctor p tune. watch out maybe?
  2. Boogie T & Whiskers - Bad Motha (Blunts & Blondes Remix)

    wow it is, he stepped it up big
  3. Boogie T & Whiskers - Bad Motha (Blunts & Blondes Remix)

    this the blunts & blondes in florida? orlando/tampa
  4. Gentlemens Club - Mo Fire

    this is sick
  5. Konus - No Safe Space

  6. damn that second drop
  7. Code: Pandorum - Dagon (Original Mix)

    jesus code went ham on this album
  8. Trilla - Lusus Naturae VIP

  9. Carbin - GOMD (feat. Trvma)

    whoa, this goes off
  10. Bratkilla & Code: Pandorum - Overseers (Original Mix)

    bratkilla is nice
  11. Skrillex - Voltage (Slushii Remix)

    and didn't skrillex say he was taking the year off to tour with FFTL or some shit.
  12. Kendrick Lamar - Humble (t1r flip)

    not THAT bad
  13. Zeds Dead ft. Charlotte OC - Symphony (Bear Grillz Remix)

    ya for sure i agree, i know what you mean, I just wasn't sure. doing the lords work. i'll step my like game up
  14. P0gman - Ghost Empire

    i'm feeling this
  15. Zeds Dead ft. Charlotte OC - Symphony (Bear Grillz Remix)

    not talking shit, just curious. But what does one gain from likes? I rarely like tracks I download, not on purpose, i just didn't know there was a reason to. Do you get rep or something? I probably owe a few thousands likes over the last 8 years. I will start liking them all.