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  1. fragile. - breathing room EP

    I need to learn to just auto download any obscure artists you post in this section beauuuutiful
  2. Mala - Changes [SubMarine Bootleg]

    Dark asf big upload (y)
  3. TMSV - Junglis

    Its at that crossover between the two a hard call, banger tho
  4. Hybris - Ender

    DUDE i forgot this track existed it was on my old laptop.... thank you so much for these uploads big up yourself!
  5. Culprate & Zenji - Ghostmachine (Original Mix)

    i would use this as a comparison, ill agree since its a culprate track it has rougher bassline elements but defo not carnival vibes and fits better in 4x4 than dubstep surely? dubstep isnt that far removed from garage and its not 2 step sooooo?
  6. EPROM - Pineapple

    Eprom with that fuckin murder sound
  7. Goldie - Inner City Life (Burial Remix)

    It is kind of horrifically messy right? i mean theres grit and then theres 'i couldnt be bothered to cut my sample so fuck it im burial'
  8. DBridge - dB vs 45 King

    Im going with a solid jungle on this one, pretty basic core breakline and the right bpm + flow even the breakdown atmos is reminiscent of oldskool
  9. Taku! - Picture Perfect

    This is lit taku delivers
  10. Culprate & Zenji - Ghostmachine (Original Mix)

    @Rick Sanchez 4x4 in the garage section is where id put it
  11. Culprate & Zenji - Ghostmachine (Original Mix)

    4x4 Bassline
  12. Dismantle - Squash

    Lol this one actually has a breakline still Funky tho
  13. Dismantle - Talk

    Surely Funky House?? im not hearing any major breaks pretty kick driven and the cowbell at 2.03 funky as hell
  14. This is so cool you got a download for this? some of my mates would really enjoy this