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  1. Keota - Whom

  2. Kolectiv & Medica - Underground

    @balaka yo man this is one of the debateable ones (in my library this would go in both sections) but i feel from snare placement and groove this fits more in deep/techstep banger anyways thank for the WAV
  3. EPROM x G Jones - Transform

    @maxi25 to my knowledge (and im pretty sure they wouldnt have changed this) your entirely within your rights to post the individual track, imma call not halftime on this tho too slow maybe experimental or hybrid trap?
  4. Geode - Skywalker

    @Mich and another deep dub, sorry it took me so long had a mad weekend peace
  5. Geode - Warped Extends

    @Mich id go with footwork on this one personally mainly due to bpm and lack of other genres to put it in
  6. Geode - Teflon Mega

    @Mich deep dubstep fo sho
  7. Geode - Never Forget

    @Mich deep dubstep? defo a two step beat one of those harder picks synth around 1.30 is pretty purpley aswell defo not uk bass tho haha
  8. Geode - Wellsprung

    @Mich uk garage or future garage your pick (id say future)
  9. Geode - Accomplice

    Yeah pretty much all of these need to be moved aha dope album tho
  10. Geode - Warped Extends

    Defo footworky vibes lovin it tho
  11. Habouchi - Sensation

    Would say Jackin House if not 4x4 (bit slow for 4x4 tho)
  12. Neana & Tarquin - C Mine

    MAAAATE what is this madness WAV aswell you fuckin G
  13. Becky Hill - Unpredictable (Fracture Remix)

    Never have to listen to a fracture tune before i download
  14. Enei - Transition

    Its mainly gonna be about snare placement really, if its consistently on the 3 then most likely halftime (unless its on the 2 and 4 aswell ) but the speed doesnt change at any point just the groove Defo Techstep Enei blitzing
  15. Signal & Disprove - System Leak

    ^^Links fine bro