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  1. Eprom with that fuckin murder sound
  2. It is kind of horrifically messy right? i mean theres grit and then theres 'i couldnt be bothered to cut my sample so fuck it im burial'
  3. Im going with a solid jungle on this one, pretty basic core breakline and the right bpm + flow even the breakdown atmos is reminiscent of oldskool
  4. Lol this one actually has a breakline still Funky tho
  5. Surely Funky House?? im not hearing any major breaks pretty kick driven and the cowbell at 2.03 funky as hell
  6. This is so cool you got a download for this? some of my mates would really enjoy this
  7. finish it man! if you added a high part and a bit of variation for the kick drum and hats ect could be a bouncer
  8. How did i miss this fuck
  9. Just copped his Exit EP as it happens i think this would be better off in Haltime btw
  10. Fucking Gem
  11. This too doe
  12. Pretty sure this would sit better in halftime, i can see the jukey influence but its pretty much halftime jungle Also absolute banger
  13. Raaaaah this is LIT
  14. Dope