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  1. when i click to veiw tracks it dosent let me listen


  2. Happy New Year!



  3. Is this move gonna take awhile? I literally have like 20 songs to contribute and I'm like foaming at the mouth sitting here waiting to do so lol.

  4. another GT?! xD



  5. Hey GT, I would just like to make aware of the typo on the Wall: SoundCloud option.

    i.e. 'Sloundcloud' ;)

  6. You changed your Avatar? :O You had that other avatar since i fist joined this site haha. Anyway while i'm here i just wanted to say thanks to you & sunlight for everything on this site. I think of you as like the maintenance man. You do a lot of things to help this site but you are always behind the scenes haha.

  7. Hi GT, I was wondering if there's any way to remove or have the 'Favourite Pictures' section minimized on default on my profile? :)

  8. wat u lookin' at my profile fow'? lul :)

  9. Thanks a lot, very kind !

  10. Fixed ;)

  11. Hi GT. I was Gold elite before I got VIP, and I had a max of 150 PM messages allowed. However the VIP only has 50, so now I have 120 messages in my inbox while only 50 are allowed xD Is this a bug, isn't the VIP suppose to have 150 as well?

  12. Question about profile view. Every time I click on my profile to view my own, my "my favorite pictures" section always starts as open. Is there any way to get this to remained shut? or does this happen to everyone? Thanks.

  13. Thanks man :) you're the best (approve)

  14. Ok there was bug in spoiler code. Fixed it. Now everything need to work fine. Thanks for report and if see other problems you now where to find me... :)