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  1. when i click to veiw tracks it dosent let me listen


  2. Trying to get my old account back!

    Ok if you are the person you are saying you are then - why you can't just reset your password?
  3. Happy New Year!


  4. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    I'm sorry @Arcendus for a harsh answer. I just didn't get enough sleep these days, try to work on cllv as much as possible.
  5. New CLLV forum platform

    option a) When you log in browser ask you enable or not notification for this season option b)
  6. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    You get the idea that we don't write this site from zero? Right? We take platform (in our case IPS) and edit for our needs. It was one of build in function, just wasn't remove yet. If to be fair I hadn't noticed it. I have more important (IMHO) things to do like live search e.t.t
  7. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    @Arcendus But as U wish - no no IP
  8. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    @Arcendus Y A mod so you see IP Lower classes don't see it
  9. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    Works for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    I have better idea about hot thread thing, But that involve community support. a long time ago we make CLLV album releases with (we think was) best songs in specific genre in that time for CL people. Albums was found in cllv forum in specific section for every cl member to download. Funny thing that these albums someone leaked and put in torrents so you can find it today. So maybe we can make again cllv albums ? For example: best December Trap music or something like that ? I hope you will understand the idea. What do you think about it?
  11. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    It's build in already If a thread is hot that icon appear automatic
  12. New CLLV forum platform

    @Under92 Fixed!
  13. Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

    @Sampler1 Try to clean your browser cookies. I had the same problem and that helped ;)
  14. @forest89 you are member. Developer section is for higher classes. Sorry