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  1. 6 YEARS LATER... L M F A O WAV https://mixstep.co/qexamh4d93gg
  2. Bleep Bloop & Space Jesus - Ichabod Crane

    Can you up the FLAC too please (Being that you bought it off of BC)? you'd be the man if you diddddd
  3. Space Laces - Cruise Control

    more like 2-5 I thought he had HDD failure at one point (thus why digital gangsta had to be completely re-written lol)
  4. man...the first part of the drop was....honestly a major throw off.... Think I will stick to the original for future playouts
  5. I honestly had no clue this was actually a thing in existence. I used to play the second drop which confused people for it being a VIP
  6. Kursa - GTFU

    Dude I made friends with an engineer that has done a BUNNNNNNNNCH of re-masters for artist. Sitting on a copy of EPROM's "Full Mag" that puts the original master to shame rn
  7. Kursa - GTFU

    People are still debating after I posted a even better re-master WAV smh
  8. Kursa - GTFU

    WAV (Re-Master) https://mixstep.co/krtpilhdl9g9
  9. Eprom - Full Mag

    I see your trancoded M4A to 320 CBR w/ a lossless re-master that (imo) beats the pants off the original (if you're playing on bigggg systems) WAV https://mixstep.co/tme00cyovkjz (PS: find me someone else in this forum that is posting modern banger tunes with alternative masters....I have yet to find one)
  10. Dude I've been lurking for YEARRRRSSSSSSSSS I've finally started to see that this forum needs people like me. Lemme know if there is anything I could do to help.
  11. Holly & Kraddy - 2 Hours (yunis Remix)

    This is a VERY special treat.... So my buddy is an audio engineer who has been doing re-masters of tunes to prove there is still more that can be done to make this tunes sound even better https://mixstep.co/zho0d1v4h1di
  12. p0gman & 12gauge - First Blood

    This was a plate from 2012. Went hard back then. Man, old 12gauge was wayyyyyyyyyy before their time. Really too bad they split. hard to even imagine what would have happened had they stayed together. Sure, AR the Bushmaster is good (those mixdowns and masters are pretty atrocious though!) but nothing close to the collective sound that was 12gauge
  13. UNKNWN & stosu - Bit jutsu

    Got lossless of this?
  14. Who would we need to talk to to try to build a separate/more appropriate sub-genre then?