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  1. RL Grime - Era
  3. weird inside - who knows? one of the most talented underground producers right now. this is my favorite of his - absolutely insane layering and sound design. enjoy
  4. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone

    always wanted this song. thanks so much
  5. Mura Masa – All Around the World (feat. Desiigner)

    just wanna give my 2 cents on this posts like this are why i don't come to this forum anymore. i understand and totally respect everyone's right to have an opinion, but this is just way over the top outside of the wonderful contributions to my music library and the development of my music taste that this community has given me, for which i'm very thankful for, there's an overwhelming amount of negativity and just blind hate on this forum; it's been here since i got here back in ~2011/2012, but has only gotten worse for a community that is centered around spreading and sharing the beautiful art that is music, there's an astounding amount of negativity. negativity like this really isn't needed within any community, regardless of size, influence, etc. to your point about the song being lazy and generic, mura has been utilizing simplistic beat patterns / harmony structures like this for a while...U, Firefly, Are U There?, Hell all come to mind and this song ain't even that simplistic - 7 unique sections with each generally following an A-B-A-D harmony structure in under 3 mins is p damn good, and hardly a "fucking shame" but that's just my opinion. anyhoo. /rant
  6. Ramzoid - The King

  7. Louis Futon feat. Vell & DJ Mustard - Oakland Tho

    you got it dog
  8. Dillon Francis – Candy (feat. Snappy Jit)

    @bombsquad he got kinda fucked over when they couldn't get that lil jon sample cleared
  10. Taurus Scott & Sphynxx - Karate Class off of main course
  11. Snakehips - All My Friends (Wave Racer Remix)

    How is chance the rapper anything close to resembling cancer?
  12. Kasbo - World Away

    it's fucking amazing
  13. Barely Alive - Poison Dart

  14. Kasbo - World Away mp3 // 320 From Beatport
  15. Mr Carmack - Oye Como Va