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  1. yo dude, thanks for posting my Track lol ;) 

    1. Rick Sanchez

      Rick Sanchez

      Why you collab with Messinian, please tell me it was a label decision haha

    2. BroMyGod


      hes a friend of mine, and i really do enjoy his vocals, heavy metal was based solely  off  of the story of the lyrics. Thats all my concept :D However we released a instrumental for same reason as you are expressing :) 

  2. Skellism x Terror Bass - In The Pit Feat Lil Jon

    Lil Jon & Skellism - In The Pit feat Terror Bass
  3. SVDDEN DEATH - Prismatic

    Its because of the Band Sudden Death. Its a legal thing
  4. Subtronics - Fire Drill (VIP)

    damn.. alittle harsh
  5. BMTH - Shadow Moses (Faytal Remix)

  6. Standard&Push - Boa (Original Mix)

  7. No Mana - Slow Motion

    i love everything about his style
  8. Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Kubi Remix)

    love this
  9. Dr. Ozi - Hartyhar (feat. MagMag)

    @dirtydubber he is on my next track lol Dope vocalist
  10. JVST SAY YES - H B H G

    nice track
  11. Goodbye Squnto?!

    yup, youre pretty much dead on. The question comes down to if being a humble producer is the key to longevity and success in the Music industry
  12. Goodbye Squnto?!

    LMAO Well basically in a nutshell, he told someone He hopes they get Cancer, and it was screenshot.. AFTER he told someone else that he doesnt give a shit about music as long as he is getting paid. So it began to roll down hill from there. Now everyone is calling him out for being kinda douchy. His argument was that he tours 3 days a week. Someone said, i wonder how Excision feels then playing 50 shows in 60 days etc etc..
  13. Goodbye Squnto?!

    Who here has been watching the breakdown of the man they call Squnto?
  14. ak9 - Everybody

    i feel like this has been out for a while right?!