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  1. Marshmello - Alone (Streex Remake)

    Bass line is a rip of blink 182 haha
  2. Cazztek - The Power

    I believe he was asking for a piece of your Kit Kit bar
  3. Malaa & Dombresky - Hostyl

    this is aight
  4. Bakteria - My Friend (Original Mix)

    Okay Edgar i see You - Subz
  5. Gwann - ROOD

    As a listener I wish the Synth sounds were just a tad louder great track tho man. You're heading in the right direction fa sho
  6. Disclosure - Magnets (SG Lewis Remix)

    I can confirm it doesn't work.
  7. Bleu Clair x KMKZ - Change The Game

    lyrics are horrible.
  8. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Pillow Talk (Nostalgia Remix)

    I have never heard a midnight track that I liked. Well he had one deep tune awhile back I enjoyed but that's all I can think of.
  9. Anja Schneider - Circle Culture

    He said himself its more techy and to move it if need be.
  10. Sasha - Ether

    new players works for me 100%
  11. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - ATOMOS [ALBUM]

    This is all over soulseek bruh.
  12. Millok - I'm Trippin (Mark De Line Remix)

    waaay to many dead links in the archives