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  1. I miss Subscape!
  2. MP3 kind sir?
  3. Yesss
  4. Good song! Do you know how to convert in FLAC? I'd love to have the mp3 ^^
  5. Samplifire EP in 2 days
  6. how did i miss this one?!
  7. Your deeds are among that of Myth, CllV wouldn't be where it is today without you!


    FIRE for You! :ganja3:


  8. Fuck.
  9. People still whining about free music... Just be happy people even listen to dubstep dude (LowwFi)
  10. 1991 is on a roll, good stuff
  11. That's fucked up!!
  12. You are a unique individual.
  13. Coming out tomorrow :)