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  1. The Decline of CLLV

    I would like to thank all of you guys who are still posting! It will never be what it used to be just for the fact that edm music isn't as popular as it was. Back in 2010, this site was even more underground than now (less traffic) but it was still enjoyable. Clubland will always have a special place in my heart. Keep edm alive, good job!!
  2. Chime - Wait For Me (Teminite Remix)

    I just realised... why is this 22mb?
  3. Phiso - Perish Song

    OMG! really!
  4. Sorrow - The Twelve EP

    So good, thanks!
  5. Dodge & Fuski - Comeback (The Others Remix)

    I miss Subscape!
  6. Teddy Killerz - Moshpit

    MP3 kind sir?
  7. Moody Good - Super Lager

  8. Good song! Do you know how to convert in FLAC? I'd love to have the mp3 ^^
  9. Samplifire - Dishonored EP

  10. Samplifire, Ivory, & Ganon - Baguette

    Samplifire EP in 2 days

    how did i miss this one?!
  12. Sleeper & Thelem & Mesck - Ghettonomics EP

    Can someone convert to 320 please thanks,
  13. Your deeds are among that of Myth, CllV wouldn't be where it is today without you!


    FIRE for You! :ganja3:


  14. Signs - Bluntwarp

  15. Lifecycle - Ziek EP

    What is up with zippyshare! I can't see the proper link