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  1. JG Dubz & Emilian Wonk - Wonk Baby

  2. The Guy With No Name - Numbers EP

    ***Apologies to anyone who dlled this before this post, track 3 had a skip in it, the updated mirror has the clean file, the individual tune post has been updated as well*** https://cllv.in/music/the-guy-with-no-name-three-336497/ @K.LINE@SuperX
  3. The Guy With No Name - Three

    ***Apologies, anyone who has downloaded this before this post will want to re dl the file, the original file i got from juno has a skip in it. The new file is clean***
  4. The Guy With No Name - Five

    Full EP Here https://mixstep.co/1espgjs04lfm
  5. The Guy With No Name - Four

    Full EP Here https://mixstep.co/cv1xy2pcs4w9
  6. The Guy With No Name - Three

    Full EP Here https://mixstep.co/v1y50las3gvv
  7. The Guy With No Name - Two

    Full EP Here https://mixstep.co/rquuany0q5mq
  8. The Guy With No Name - One

    Full EP Here https://mixstep.co/zhygjdeasbp3
  9. The Guy With No Name - Numbers EP MP3 https://cloudsany.com/880thjvui6a3 Tracklist - - - - One Two Three Four Five - - - -
  10. https://shekel.bandcamp.com/track/999 https://shekel.bandcamp.com/track/- https://shekel.bandcamp.com/track/--7 got some authentic middle eastern shit right here . Tracks are a free dl if you get the whole album, the rest of the LP isn't really all that eastern sounding, still fire tho. https://cllv.in/music/b-ju-x-yunis-ouala-313479/ https://cllv.in/music/b-ju-x-yunis-guelb-ou-dem-313478/ These two came to mind, you didn't mention footwork but they're still bomb ass middle eastern beats https://cllv.in/music/l-wiz-habibi-163882/ Can't forget this classic I've def have/know of others but I just can't think of them. I'll post more if i remember And if anyone else has any to add, pleease do, I'm always looking for this type of shizz
  11. L-Wiz - Habibi

  12. The Others - Do It Like This

    Used to be 2 guys, the other dude left due to creative differences if i remember right
  13. I agree, looks like a transcode, heavy filtering in the 16-18 kHz range. @cyanide you buy this?