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  1. Ganon & BloodThinnerz - Timeless

    hmm seems the whole compilation is shitty mixed. who the hell mastered that tunes but thanks anyway
  2. Aweminus & Definitive - Sinistar

    horrible mixdown Aweminus tracks are generally proper mixed hmm...
  3. Kromestar - System Test

    Thank u 4 dis. But did u boost the mp3 ? Sounds a bit distorted ...
  4. Bukez Finezt - Under Control (Truth Remix)

    Haha yeh. leakerz are idiots of course. who leaked this then?
  5. Foamplate - Tabula

    thanks m8
  6. Flux Pavilion & Snails - Cannonball

    thanks mate
  7. Plazid & Mutant - Red Sea

    do u have the whole ep ? would be sick if u upload mkultra. thanks
  8. Katharsys - Suricate

  9. sickkkkk, thank you man!!!

  10. ez bro, can I get them xtermin8 stems again plz?

  11. hahaha. if there are ppl who really think Bukez is serious about this arent smart.
  12. Flexxa - Cold Steel

    this whole ep sounds like its only made out of the Massive template called "CARBON"
  13. Kahn - Abbatoir

    Kahn - Abattoir http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/QyshbGOo/file.html