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  1. he messed a perfect song
  2. Thanks bro, this was one of my grail since it was released !!
  3. for me a MASTERPIECE imo
  4. AWFUL
  5. Really good
  6. Distal never disappoint me since ever
  7. Awesome tune, But where is the Footowork?
  8. Oh, this is the kind of trap remix i Love
  9. that's what i really dislike of trap music
  10. that's what i love about trap music
  11. Why?
  12. street fighter 2 <3
  13. @Simpl thanks, i'll check now.
  14. @Simpl I've lost all mine because my hard disk went down last week. Would u like to upload some of urs here?
  15. please reup some trap stuff. i lost all files from my hard disk last week and i was going to download them back right now.