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  3. So I started this thing called "Drinkin' water in the hood while listenin' to" because, I love every single genre, and I want to make a special mix for every one, idk. Enjoy! //Fuck, just saw that I posted it in the wrong section..someone move it please, thanks!
  4. Cesqeaux is a genius.
  5. Who can tell me the TRACK ID that's on the radio in car? first song I want it sooo bad...Thank you!
  6. I honestly like him.He's really cool and I love his weird ass music.
  7. This was my favourite song from Durante's EP named 'Challenger' but I can't seem to find it anywhere.I know it was posted on OWSLA's Youtube account and obviously, Durante's soundcloud, but it's like...gone.Can't find it anywhere.Had it on my old HDD but, idk what happened with it and it doesn't work anymore. So...anybody? with the full Challenger EP or just Crash? Please. Thanks.
  8. Love it,nice job! :3
  9. I got a youtube rip if u want, kinda sucks..but...
  10. Yeah,I know...but still,it sounds amazing. <3
  11. Gem Shards apparently leaked.
  12. 1:30 TRACK ID please. It sounds great but I got nothing to this one,maybe someone can help me. Thanks.
  13. That's cool too,can't wait any longer for it to get released,I can listen to that on my phone.
  14. Does anyone have an Edit of it,extended...whatever,really need it,now! e.e