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  1. Somatoast - Obscurity Security (Alejo Remix)

    missed it or mixcloud is being funky
  2. Somatoast - Obscurity Security (Alejo Remix)

    you have that track?!?!
  3. kLL sMTH - Splaterdashery (Alejo Remix)

    I'll fix that right now! woops
  4. Somatoast - Obscurity Security (Alejo Remix)

    It's out there just need to know where to look. I'm trying to get my hands on this one. https://m.soundcloud.com/alejoedm/alejo-shkerplunk
  5. mp3 https://mixstep.co/pvvfkzwbs029 wav https://mixstep.co/akpgyo8i2j9m
  6. Sixis - Wandering Deeper (Alejo Remix)

    mp3 https://mixstep.co/gbiac8i5zuwi wav https://mixstep.co/jc7k8802jpra
  7. Bogtrotter - Zicks Four (Alejo Remix)

    mp3 https://mixstep.co/6yqstzxn2np4 wav https://mixstep.co/8tav4fyp7s12
  8. wave https://mixstep.co/dqdkhdwpieuw mp3 https://mixstep.co/4fpv2t1zn0vn
  9. Corporate ft. Mickey Shiloh - Speak (Original Mix)

    the best track i heard today
  10. https://soundcloud.com/viceversa-158290391/diplo-sleepy-tom-be-right-there-vice-versa-remix
  11. this is chill right? https://soundcloud.com/viceversa-158290391/marshmello-alone-vice-versa-remix
  12. Marshmello-Alone (Vice Versa remix)