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  1. Trolley Snatcha - Fools Gold

    So... One of the most unique Dubstep artists there was, now joins the "riddim/copypaste/noise club" ... da fuq?
  2. Phiso - Perish Song

    wow... 5 years ago this would classify as complete garbage... Now its on Circus... Sorry... this isnt dubstep, nor this is riddim by old standarts... Its just a big "WTF" to me... Or maybe I'm too old and dont use as much drugs as kids these days... Sad...
  3. Phiso - Stagger

    This is whats wrong with music these days...
  4. Cookie Monsta - Suicide

    Sadly I dont have it anymore This is what I have:
  5. Razat - IDGAF

    agreed... reminds me of Culprate at times
  6. Cookie Monsta - Suicide

    ima look into it... its somewhere on some external hhd
  7. Dj Snake - Sahara (feat. Skrillex)

    tbh you can delete this song on this site... its crap anyways... seriously, who gives a fuck about this? Give me Chasing Shadows or 16bit ffs... not this pink bieberstep...
  8. Run DMT - The Shadow

    This is so bad, i cant even believe dubstep has got this worse these days... That is this? srsly... Its just random sounds all over the place... I wont even mention that there is no quality work done on FX, EQ to make the song sweet... Dunno what ur listening gear is, but on my system this makes me turn down the volume because the sound is annoying as fuck... Its not properly mastered... How the FUCK can you put 30% complete song public? fuck...
  9. Pegboard Nerds & Snails - Deep In The Night

    Didnt know dubstep was this bad nowadays... sry...
  10. J Robinson & Loxy - Each & Every

    Hey... Is a reupload possible for this beast?
  11. Truth & Decoda - The Emperor

  12. Truth - Land Of Stone

    It reminds me of "The Emperor" ...in a very good way :)
  13. Mbe - Blacksmith

    Wsup? :) http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/qwLOPqjG/file.html https://soundcloud.com/thesoutheastgrind/mbe-blacksmith