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  1. Sober Rob & Manitee - Jungle Robot

    Dude this tune is amazing, but I need a Re Up on your link pleaseeeee.
  2. X&G - DAMN

  3. Zixtone - No Sleep (feat. Indra)

    This belongs in Drumstep
  4. DUMPLING - None Shall Pass (VIP)

    New track I made. Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy! None Shall Pass (VIP).wav
  5. DUMPLING - None Shall Pass (Original Mix)

    Here is a Drumstep track that I just released. Enjoy! .wav None Shall Pass (Original Mix).wav
  6. DUMPLING - Aroogaloo

    Another track of my own. Enjoy! .wav Aroogaloo.wav
  7. DUMPLING - Exterminate ft. Novice

    Hey guys! I decided to start uploading some of my own original works so have a listen and let me know what you think! This is my first post and I believe I did everything correctly according to the standards of this forum. Let me know if you see any mistakes on my posting. .mp3 Exterminate.mp3 Also check my buddies Novice out. They collaborated with me on this track.
  8. Munchi - Fuck This

    reup please?
  9. Bass Junkies - Bass Wonderland

    @Ivytron It went great! I couldn't really read the crowd because I was a little nervous and focusing on DJ'ing but everyone told me the set was great!
  10. Bass Junkies - Bass Wonderland

    WOAH! This track will be great for an early main stage opener set that I'll be doing for Caked Up tomorrow. I'll let you know how the crowd digs it!
  11. Forte - Next Level

    Loving the track dude! Gonna use this for my main stage opening set at a show tomorrow night for sure. I'll let you know how the crowd digs it.
  12. graves x Dreamer - SWISHER

    I always thought the BPM range from 70-90 could still be considered trap. I feel like it doesn't really become twerk until it hits 100. Just my opinion.
  13. It says Wiwek remix on the thread title but you posted the soundcloud link for the chuckle & diamond pistols remix
  14. Alison Wonderland - Run

    re up please!
  15. Barely Alive - Back To Back

    Been wanting this since I heard it on the last big SNAILS mix. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!