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  1. Hey guys, Found this acapella dump on reddit the other day. Mostly good quality or studio acapellas and a lot of good tunes so figured I would share to start getting this section a bit more love. Enjoy!!y5kgSY7a!9I1p-s1SphSiH8m7XHRg1w
  2. Y4NN - Clothes Off

    Little Latin flavor
  3. Ed Sheeran & Rudimental - Bloodstream (RICHEY Remix)
  4. Who Got Banned? Why?

  5. File Hosting Site

    I just mostly think people dont take him seriously anymore on topic, +1 for not bringing financial gain into CLLV. Just imagine the type of scumbags will start gravitating towards the site, let alone any sort of unwanted legal attention.
  6. DC Breaks ft. Bianca - Faithless

    couldn't wait any longer
  7. The Gaming Thread

    While yes, it does seem like this, the majority of information going around right now about this game is uninformed speculation. They are trying to get away from the battlefield dice engine and go more towards the old battlefront styles... Im not making any assumptions until I see gameplay.
  8. Khurt - Walker Texas Flanger

    yo Khurt is the man! Super chill dude... Definitely check him out. Hes not from Texas tho (lol)
  9. New to house music

    Taiki & Nulight should do the trick
  10. Galantis - Runaway (U + I) (Chet Porter Remix)

    these werent posted? wtf?
  11. HARD Summer 2015

    Im actually upset about this lineup because there is absolutely no possible way I could see everyone that I want
  12. DC Breaks ft. Bianca - Faithless

    reup needed, mirror isnt working for me